Like any Game Master and hobby game designer, I've made quite a lot of homebrew for 5e. Please note that a lot of the player options are yet untested and may require refinement before they can be considered balanced for gameplay purposes.

Player Options

Player options include races, classes, subclasses, spells, and more.

System Tweaks

Like any GM, my table has its own set of table rules.


I like to make my worlds feel very detailed and lived in, but often that takes a lot of additional work. These tools should help me keep things consistent - and maybe they'll help you too!

Market Fluctuator

Designed to add some variability to item prices in your world - after all a small mountain village shouldn't have the same stock and prices as a bustling port city.

Moon Phase Calculator

If your worlds are anything like mine, they have unique numbers of days in each month, multiple moons with prime number phase patterns, and just generally make it difficult to track the phases of the moon. Not ideal for running werewolf mysteries. That's where this calculator comes in!