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Interested in picking up the basics of Sonora? You've come to the right place. Grab some headphones, paper, a pencil and work your way through the lessons here to get a strong foundation in this language. Better yet, grab a friend or two and learn together!

Unit 0: Introduction to Sonora

jastak . ak je kalne martsjnon . jag pasant aj .

Get familiar with the sounds and shapes of Sonora with Unit 0: Introduction to Sonora. By the end of this unit, you'll know how to read the letters above, how to pronounce them, and better yet - how to respond!

Jump in with no prior knowledge - linguistics, language learning, or otherwise. All you need is interest, as these lessons are designed to guide you through the language learning process, even if you've never undertaken such a challenge before. In fact, these lessons are primarily designed to be enjoyable - after all, there's really not much other reason to learn Sonora.

You'll find that these lessons are full of audio clips, Sonoran font, and little quizzes to test your knowledge, so they're best experienced in a place where you can listen to the clips and repeat them without getting too many strange looks. Better yet, get some friends in on it and do it together!

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