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A project first started in 2019, Sonora is a conlang - a CONstructed LANguage - created simply for the interest of creating a language. There were many ideas originally - including developing a whole suite of languages for any and all races in my TTRPG worlds - but upon learning how much work it was to make just one, it eventually boiled down to a passion project.

As an ArtLang, Sonora does not seek to be truly realistic (though it's not meant to be totally unrealistic either) and there is no intention to build a speaker base. However, if you are interested, the language is functional - albeit ever in development - and using the resources here, it should be possible to learn enough to be able to use the language for whatever purpose you find for it. If you decide you want ancient texts written in Sonora to be scattered across your TTRPG world or use it as a secret language for your diary or between a close group of friends, best of luck to you.

Type Sonora

Sonora has a font! Typing proper Sonoran is as easy as installing the font and changing the orientation of your paper and changing the writing direction of the application and ensuring the application you use supports features such as ligatures... Okay, it's not an easy process, but it is doable - in some programs easier than others.

Note that for ease of use, 'รพ' is mapped to 'b'.

Get Sonoran Font


Download here.