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A shining beacon of constancy and life in the roiling mass of the eternal chaos, Tellura stands as a home to mortals and immortals alike. Explore a setting where the fractured nature of the material plane allows stories of any nature to be told while conforming to a single larger universe. Learn about the war between Protean and Elder Gods which sundered the material plane; explore the Nexus and the Dreamsteppe alongside the more ubiquitous planes of existence; and delve into a rather complicated calendar.

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The Old World has been abandoned - wildfires, drought, and pestilence have driven the birdfolk and humblefolk from their homes in search of new life in the New World. Based in the bustling town of Haven, adventurers set out to explore this strange new land, making alliances with fishfolk and mushroom people; delving into endless tunnels beneath the mountains; hunting avatars - creatures of immense might and stature; as well as unlocking the secrets of asterian quartz, a local gem with powerful arcane potential.

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Homebrew and Tools

From one GM to another, the tools found here should help make the tiny details of your world just a little more consistent - whether they be market prices or moon phases. The homebrew comes with much less guarantee - as a forever-GM, there's not much of a change to test player options unless you force your players to play them. Maybe that's the trick...

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Past Campaigns

A look into the past, where old adventures once lived can be revisited and remembered fondly.

Ancient Rift

A band of adventurers sets sail only to find themselves transported to another world - the continent of Weiloch. In the course of their adventures, they learn of eight powerful mages who once held dominion over these lands, as well as find their way into the great city of Kjava that has stood silent and empty for centuries.

Ancient Rift


Not strictly a campaign, sometimes it's interesting to look back on one's earliest recorded worldbuilding, even if it's somewhat embarrasing.



Sonora Word of the Day:
['krɛn] (n) {INAN} - 1. Building, edifice, structure: a usually roofed and walled structure built for permanent use (as for a dwelling).


jave! Sonora is a conlang - a constructed language - created as a passion project simply for the interest of creating a real, functional language and learning a whole lot of linguistics along the way. There are no speakers of this language, so there's no reason to learn it, but it is a fully functioning language that can be used as a secret language, a consistent language for a long-dead tongue in your TTRPG, or just for an inspirational quote to tattoo onto yourself (please don't).

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Le Journal d'Ystride Auclaix

Bienvenue! Vous avez trouvé le journal d'Ystride Auclaix - un projet de MarcinOn. Qu'est-ce que c'est ce projet? Ce journal, écrit du point de vue d'un personnage qui s'appelle Ystride Auclaix créé dans le jeu FFXIV, est une exercice d'écriture en français parce que je voudrais apprendre cette belle langue!

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Update: August 2023

Another summer, another redesign. I really quite think I like this one, but I said that about the last one, so who knows? Changelog:

  • Major design changes across the entire website, including colour-coded sections and more images for modernity.
  • Content reshuffling including shifting Past Campaigns out of Tellura, as well as folding many pages within Haven, Homebrew and Tools, and Sonora together within their sections. Back-end structure changes will have also broken most URL links to the old website.
  • Fixed a bug in the Moon Phase Calculator where days were being calculated based on leap months that did not appear in that year, offsetting values by months causing days to be misnumbered. Also fixed a bug where setting a moon to start on anything but a New Moon could result in the moon's cycle being calculated beyond it's permitted cycle, breaking the script. Added Earth and Tellura presets.
  • Haven finally updated to include the latest session (M02-6; June 25th).
  • Sonora revision 4.1 published, including an updated reference grammar, updates to Learn Sonora (Units 1 and 2 still to be edited and have been taken down temporarily), new sample texts (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Tower of Babel), and a fully updated and much-expanded lexicon.
  • NEW: Le Journal d'Ystride Auclaix: a practice journal for learning and writing in French, following the explorations of Ystride Auclaix, an Eorzean tourist hailing from Ishgard.
  • Some typos corrected throughout.