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In the beginning, there was only chaos. The world was in limbo, filled with everything that could ever be in every place and time it could ever be. From this chaos, the Timeless emerged, beings beyond even the gods.

The Timeless saw chaos and knew it had to be held back, lest nothing ever exist. Working together, they made a net of stars with which to hold chaos back, carving out a world safe from its destructive force. Here they could create, and create they did, giving birth to children of sun, sea, and sky.

These children were the Ancients, beings that encompassed all creation as it was formed – the ground, the moons, and the seasons among them. The Ancients created the planes of existence, places where life could flourish filled with mountains and forests, plains and rivers. When they had created what they wished, the Ancients fell into a deep slumber and the Timeless who watched saw that the world needed life to complete its beauty.

For this task, the Timeless created the Gods with the task of cultivating life and bringing up species of races to develop their world. This the Gods did, each plane with its own task – the demons of the void created to protect the world from the aberrations of limbo, the angels and devils of the heavens and hells tasked to ensure balance throughout.

When all else was made, the Gods saw they had one plane left, central in all of existence – the material plane. Here, they created mortals who could live and die, love and hate, create and destroy. The races developed to worship the Gods and the Gods in their imperfection began to choose favourites.

This could never be without issue, and the Gods began to turn on one another as chosen races rose or fell in strength. Elder Gods and Protean Gods fought, and after many centuries of war the Protean Gods emerged victorious only to find their wars had torn the material plane apart, ravaging the many nations.

Imprisoning the Elder Gods, the Protean Gods made a pact never to interfere so closely with the mortal races again. They took domains different from each other and brought the mortal races to places of new beginning, where they could start anew without the horrors of the war in their memories.

Today, the Protean Gods continue to guide the mortals below them, occasionally promoting their most devoted to paragonhood so they may help guide their own people. The Elder Gods remain imprisoned and the Ancients asleep, but the Timeless watch on, ensuring that their paradise never falls back into the chaos whence it came.