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M02-7 - Buried Crypt

The first floor of the Terakka Mines has been cleared, but there’s a lot more that lies beneath – and who knows what kind of prizes might remain below the Spine...

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Custom Deliveries

Wayfinding the Mines. (200gp) The Windrunners are seeking a completed map of the first level of the Terakka Mines.

Fancy Navigation. (50gp) Quartermaster Chiro Longflight of the Dawning Horizon needs a new sextant with a 10gp gemstone for the glass.

Heavy Feathers. (30gp) Verity Farwing requires a new quill made from the feather of a monstrosity.

Strange Palate. (20gp) Uyoga of the myconids is wondering about the taste of berry jam from the surface world.

Recent Mission Report

M02-6 - Buried Crypt

Delving once more into the mines, you returned to the mirror and were able to combine the lantern light such that the mirror was colour corrected back to normal and the image became clear, yet you were still unable to pass - a piece of the puzzle is missing. You then continued through the southwest wing, finding an area full of ash and smoke where you collected a number of items, another tomb with two flameskulls - one poison and one fire - where you collected a wand, and then fought through skeletons and broke through another translucent wall only to find your tunnel sloping down into muddy water, where you decided to turn back for the time being.

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