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Ancient Rift

After a journey that ended with their ship in unknown waters, our heroes found themselves on the mysterious continent of Weiloch, where they must unlock the secrets of the Citadel and the mages that once inhabited it.


Human Trickery Domain Cleric, Deceased

10 13 13 12 18 15

Karenthad Ebonlocke

Human Warlock of the Great Old One

8 12 15 14 16 18

Feng Khan

Half-Orc Totem Barbarian

17 12 16 7 10 12

Jarrakas Oderian

Black Dragonborn Paladin of Devotion

20 9 13 11 12 16


Human Wild Magic Sorcerer

12 10 16 15 12 18

Sorfildor Xylhorn

Drow Assassin Rogue

9 16 14 15 11 15

Sarenna Zylcarin

High Elf Beastmaster Ranger

10 16 10 14 13 12


The party hailed from the continents of Mothra and Althar, with their journey beginning on a fated ship's journey from Valla to Treym - a journey that would instead transport them to Weiloch. Through their journeys, they managed to bring Weiloch back from it's exiled demi-plane and reform the continent of Pyrna.

Dallan's Hut: Dallan is an alchemist whom the heroes helped early on in their journeys. In exchange for their help, he offered to make a potion to cure lycanthropy. They have not yet managed to return and pick up that potion.

Eltana: A mining town that was plagued early on by werewolves, our heroes helped solve the town's problems before going on their way.

Feng's House: A lonely house adorned with skulls. Home sweet home.

Hiflit: The location of Talia's prison within her library, Hiflit is currently afflicted by abnormal blizzards, driving the inhabitants out. Hiflit is the location where you defeated Vanda after her transformation into a demon, and also marks the place where Ander fell.

Ilna: A sea-side city where it seems the inhabitants are rather abrasive.

Janice: The slowly spinning whirlpool of Janice's prison. She alone of the mages you checked was not fighting for her freedom.

Kjava: Kjava is the location of the citadel, a great city from which the mages once ruled the united continent of Pyrna. It is currently magically locked, with our heroes holding three of the eight keys, infested by dangerous creatures. This great city stretches for about three days of travel from one end to the other.

Kobold Cave: Our heroes recovered the orange key to Kjava here, defeating a mighty wyvern!

Megara's Crypt: This dark and forboding crypt contains countless tombs, many of them full and animateable by Megara. She remains here imprisoned, and is the last known location of Baalgareth, the heroes' lost companion, now turned werewolf.

Numbrath: Numbrath is a farming city located on the southern shores of Weiloch. The heroes relocated those they saved from the Valasev explosion, as well as those they arrived with in Weiloch.

Oanwa: A tent-based town on the edges of the swamps in northwestern Weiloch. It was burned down by the hags our heroes angered, and the location where they acquired their walking house!

Ovekjava: The base of the Gray Templar, Ovekjava is a town ruled by fear of the templar, who search to unlock the secrets of Kjava.

Ruins: Deep in the swamps lie ruins of an old tower or castle. Within lives a madman, surrounded by zombies. Our heroes managed to easily charm him and take the green key he had in his possession.

Valasev: The island of Valasev is a volcano, which recently erupted (in Session 1). It was later found that this is also the place where Valasev has been imprisoned by the gods.

Vault: The vault our heroes found, which they theorise is under Janice's ownership, held the blue key, which our heroes were able to take after completing a series of challenges.

The Mages


North, Mage of Water, Illusionist

Janice wished for the war to end amicably. She intends to join the heroes in whatever they decide the best course of action is.


Northeast, Mage of Ice (and Psychic Power), Diviner

Talia wishes to be left alone to study and amass knowledge.


East, Mage of Air, Conjurer

Ereva wished to destroy the library, and now wants to replace the gods with a new set, rising to power herself among any who side with her.


Southeast, Mage of Lightning and Thunder (and Radiant Power), Abjurer

Oren wishes to remove the gods, as he believes that none should have that level of power over others.


South, Mage of Fire, Evoker

Valasev wishes to purify the world with fire, and give the chance for any who are strong enough to survive to start anew.


Southwest, Mage of Force (and Necromantic Power), Necromancer

Megara wishes to overthrow the gods and take their place as ruler of all, raising any who side with her up as well.


West, Mage of Earth, Transmuter

According to Talia, Garthan wishes to raze the world, much like Valasev.


Northwest, Mage of Poison and Acid, Enchanter

According to Talia, Unger would wish to continue, or even restart the war to allow it to reach its natural conclusion.

Session Recaps

Session 1

May 7, 2017

Your first session started in Valla but I didn't let you get comfortable. You soon landed on the shores of the island of Valasev (with a village of the same name). Robert propelled the group to safety, and you soon met the cul- I mean monks. You learned of the prophecy and fought your way through too many mephits to learn that the mountain was a volcano about to erupt. You came back to the village to see it massacred by the werewolf cultists. You managed to take the survivors to safety just before the eruption and now lie on the beach of this mysterious continent.

How did you get here and how do you get back? Who can you trust? Where are the werewolves and how do you defeat them? How do you keep the villagers safe?

Session 2

May 16, 2017

Today my adventurers, you spent several days investigating werewolves and found that yes, they are definitely werewolves.

You dealt with a travelling merchant and earned yourselves some trinkets and also learned about the crime signals of the big cities.

Last but not least you help a half-elf in his plight and earn yourselves a cure for Lycanthropy.

Eltana awaits and with it hopefully some more answers.

Session 3

May 22, 2017

Today you began the session at Dallan's alchemical shop/garden thing, and travelled to Eltana, where you continued to investigate the disappearances. You came across 2 suspects and 2 other trails: Julius Hooltam seems to be a suspect. He disappeared on the same night as Salthar Edgonsson, a teifling who seems to have battled back an attack and ran north from Eltana into the mountains. The other suspicious disappearance seems to be that of Alma Dilphan, a dwarf prospector who had rather incriminating objects in her office, and may have been involved in the earlier disappearance of a mine worker named Hector Glift, who had received a paw-print sealed envelope, although no letter was to be found. Lastly, and most importantly, you found a map with a pin that lead you towards what turned out to be a werewolf hideout. You managed to first infiltrate the hideout, and saw some of the missing in cages within. You managed to lure out some of the guards and slay them, but the leaders managed to escape with the prisoners. Baalgareth gave chase and faced off against a werewolf, and although he fought admirably, he was bested and bitten, cursed with lycanthropy. The compound was found to contain a map which pointed in two new directions - another paw print, and a skull and crossbones. The next full moon rises soon...

Session 4

May 30, 2017

Congratulations! Today you managed to solve the mystery of the werewolves. And in the process discovered only questions. You travelled to Eltana and got your weapons silvered, and during one of the nights of the full moon, Baalgareth broke free, only to find himself restrained by ethereal chains...

You continued to what you discovered to be an enormous crypt, within which you found the bodies of your werewolf targets, more skeletons than one can count, and a most mysterious voice. This voice led you through the tunnels and managed to capture two of your companions - Vanda and Baalgareth (a skeleton and a werewolf, how fitting).

You tried to dig deeper to find them but found yourselves turned back by hoards of skeletons. Later you raided what you now found to be an empty werewolf compound - which must have been emptied when the werewolves assaulted the crypt. You raided the building, freeing several halfling cooks and finding some magical items to aid your further adventures.

Before you lie the payout for a job well done in both Eltana and Numbrath, as well as (hopefully) Tylanell waiting for you in Ovekjava.

A couple questions remain: who did the voice belong to and where did your companions go? What were those ethereal chains? What is up with a crypt opening to the sea? And most of all - where are you and how did you get here?

Session 5

June 4, 2017

Today you began back in the empty werewolf compound. You travelled to Eltana where you collected your prize (and Numbraths portion as well). You then travelled and talked to Dallan, who said that the potion should be ready after the next full moon - fairly soon all thing considered. Especially since all but one known werewolves are dead.

Regardless you then travelled back to Eltana, where you left your horses and travelled to Ilna, where the guards were dicks but it seems everyone in Ilna is. You learned that freak blizzards and ice storms have driven the people of Hiflit south. You travelled to Grivth to reiterate the same, but gleaned a bit more information that there may have been magical influence.

Next you travelled to Kjava, which you learned was a long abandoned city where a "gleaming citadel" stands. It is ringed by eight gates corresponding to the compass rose, each guarded by two gargoyles. From these gargoyles, you learned a hell of a lot of info.

Weiloch used to be part of a larger continent that seems to have included both Mothra and Althar - a continent named Pyrna. Pyrna was governed by eight mages, and here is what you know about them:

You learned that psychic, radiant and necrotic magic had been outlawed, and the mages that picked those up had caused a rift that must have culminated in the continents splitting somehow.

You also learned that to enter Kjava, you require eight keys, five of which are in the city, but three of which are not - blue (Janice), dark green (Unger), orange (Garthan).

From there you went to Ovekjava, where Tylanell was detained for asking too many questions without joining the Grey Templar, who seem to want to keep knowledge about Kjava and its past a secret.

You seem to be left with a couple quests - free Tylanell, find the keys, enter Kjava and learn more.

Additionally - what is causing the freak blizzards? Ethereal chains from last time? What lies inside Megara's crypt? How did you get here?

At least you know have an idea of where here is...

Session 6

June 11, 2017

You started out in Ovekjava where you picked up a cloak of invisibility, which you then used to free Tylanell from her imprisonment. She split off to go south to Numbrath and rejoin Everett, while you went west to Oanwa, where you went about trying to find the key. The High Shaman offered to divine its location for you as long as you provided the materials, and so you ventured into the marshes, where you quickly found shrieking fungus and yellow ooze, but spent longer looking for a hag. You dealt with madness of all sorts along the way, and finally found a hags hut, where you tried to reason with her, then played whack-a-hag and stole her eyes. And life. And possessions. And gold. You monsters.

You then went back to Oanwa and upon exiting the swamp the madnesses that were beginning to pile up disappeared. You experienced a vision, which pointed you back into the swamp towards a castle ruin that seems to house Unger's key.

Your next step seems a rather logical one - go get that key!

Session 7

July 11, 2017

In today's rather long session you managed quite a bit!

You began by delving back into the marshes braving fear and madness to find the ruins. In the swamp, you were ambushed by none other then the feared Shia LeBeouf! You took his head as a trophy (you sicken me Brad) and travelled on to the ruin, where you met a madman commanding zombies. You gave him a gift and then charmed him into returning the favour. And then you ran with the key, hitting level 5 in the process.

You returned to Oanwa to rumours of hags, but you had more pressing business and made off towards Trem and Trog to learn more about the next key, having secured the first.

During your travels in the mountains, you learned from a Galeb Duhr about the possible whereabouts of the orange key - in the hands of Kobolds, or worse, dragons.

Here we took a dinner break and you took over and told your own stories. Congrats, I really enjoyed them!

Upon reaching Trog you learned that dragons died out in the wars millennia ago, and so you set out back into the mountains to lure out some kobolds and trace them back to their caves.

This plan worked (albeit with a minor setback) and you tracked them to a cave system, where you started systematically committing genocide.

Is the key here? Is there dragons? Are you mass murderers? Is it really a good idea to create a flesh golem with Shia LeBeouf's head and Simo Vann's left arm? Where is the third key? What's causing the blizzards near Hiflit? Did you just leave Oanwa to the hags? Are the Gray Templar hunting for you? What were the ethereal chains that bound Baalgareth when he turned and broke his chains? Are all of these questions pointless? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

The questions just keep coming...

Session 8

July 16, 2017

You began in a room filled with the bodies of your slain foes.

You moved into what you later found out to be the final room and took some time defeating the stronger kobolds you found here, then tried to take a rest after using a lot of resources. Unfortunately, you didn't have the chance to rest, as a wyvern appeared!

Wow. That was tough. But you did it and with a final, crushing blow from Jarrakis, as well as nukes from Talbaun and a lot of great healing and decision making from Ander and Karenthad, and lastly some firepower from Sorfildor and Sarenna you managed to defeat it and claim the orange key that was around its neck for yourselves!

2 keys down, 1 to go somewhere in the north.

Session 9

July 25, 2017

Today you began back in the cave of kobolds and renewed strength allowed you to search through the caves and mercifully allow three crying kobolds to live.

From there you managed to lose your path in the mountains and stumbled upon three troll children. The parents returned and you chose to fight your way out of the moral dilemma, killing the father and leaving the mother to run away with her children.

You eventually made your way back into Trem, where you spent time spending money on various trinkets and items, and met a soothsayer (not a witch), which read your fortunes - although in Ander's case, the real fortune was told by his god Impetus in a vision.

You then continued your journey, turning your gaze north - although looking to make a stop at Oanwa along the way. As you began to near Oanwa, you saw smoke rising into the air...

What awaits you in Oanwa? What awaits you in the north? Where is that last damned key?

Session 10 may hold some answers...

Session 10

August 22, 2017

Welcome to Oanwa! Or rather, what's left of it...

You began the session arriving at Oanwa, which had been reduced to smouldering tents and tied up people.

You found within four hags - two sea hags, another green one, and one you found out was old and important - a night hag!

Three of you bravely strode into the hag's hut to bargain, while two stayed out of sight, ready to fight the sea hags to free the children they held with a knife to their throats.

Inside, a deal was made - the green key for the children's lives. The children were released, but the hags still wanted their original payment - an eye for an eye, and a life for a life - that of their sister.

Outside the battle was swift with Sorfildor and Talbaun nuking the two sea hags to oblivion.

Within a more difficult battle was raged wherein Ander touched himself and Karenthad, Jarrakas smashed things with Thunderous Smites, and Karenthad made a few good quips. Oh and he killed the night hag.

As a group we decided that Karenthad had completed a character goal, and awarded him the cantrip Vicious Mockery as a reward instead of inspiration.

You then befriended the pet Chest Mimic that the hag's kept and found that their hut, beautifully equipped with a giant chicken leg was able to hop you around from place to place. Also Sorfildor drank some poison.

After freeing the villagers of Oanwa, you found out that Chester - Ander's new pet mimic - could store things for you and Talbaun became the designated driver. Of your new house.

You hopped over to Trem, slaying an ogre along the way, where you set about your new most important quest - fixing up the house to be habitable and getting your new base of operations running! You've sold off your gems at a large markup and have the money to work on your home - replacing the walls with something better, getting a wood burning stove and hammocks in there, setting up spaces for Chester and Arcturus, as well as perhaps installing a second leg so you can walk instead of that damned hopping.

D&D;, home makeover edition has just begun!

Session 11

August 31, 2017

Today you managed to buy supplies from various gnomes and the Gnome Depot, and worked with Indigo to build your house, complete with a loft and a second leg.

You also met Evi again and got a Teddy Bear of Quiet Slumber!

You then set off due north and after 23 days of travel, you found a lake which swirled as a whirlpool. You found your way into a room under the lake and are ready to take on the challenges within, as a woman (illusion?) told you the last key may be there.

Session 12

September 17, 2017

You began at the entrance to a vault, where you went forth to solve a series of 5 puzzles - the sundial, the four seasons, the darkness, the gauntlet of water, and the broken lightbulb.

You arrived in the vault, and although you were tempted to take more, you only took the key and left the vault with your prize.

You made your way into Kjava triumphantly holding the three keys, and entered, locking the city behind you.

You travelled down the main northern avenue (next to the Kaspari district), passing derelict homes and shops until you saw a midnight blue door standing freely on the corner. You entered the Midnight Inn and met the innkeeper Antoine Shudder, who hosted you for the night. You learned a little from him, but not much.

You continued on, until you were finally attacked by the beings that had been watching you, and after a fight, you defeated seven Nothics.

You have just taken a long rest in a house just off the main avenue. The citadel awaits!

Session 13

October 7, 2017

Today you made it to the citadel, only to find out that half of your group had been replaced by Doppelgängers! After a heroically fought battle by Talbaun, The Doppelgängers were defeated, and he and Jarrakas were able to persuade Arcturus, Sarenna's fox, to lead them by scent to where the rest of the party was located. There, they fought off the cage mimic that held Sarenna, and after defeating the final Doppelgänger, found a pile of loot and a Ring of Polymorph, which Sorf took to immediately.

From there, you found yourselves unable to open the doors to the Citadel due to missing gears within them. Sorfildor swam in through the sewers as an octopus and took a look around, but was unable to find a way to open the doors from within, and made his way out.

The group returned to the northern power hub and found a way to fix the power in the northern quadrant, at which point they went to the north gate and learned that the Gray Templar had noticed your house outside Kjava and were guiding it. After much debate, it was decided to leave them alone and not surprise them with a moving house that they would likely attempt to kill.

After that, you traveled through the city, calling the Midnight Inn to rest safely at night, and scaring things off throughout the day. You turned on the power hubs, one by one and have restored power to the entirety of Kjava, after dealing with more mimics, a gelatinous cube, and receiving a fanfare from the newly returned to work Modrons. Now it's time to enter the Citadel, having recovered three gears, which is enough to open two doors (another three seem to have gone missing, presumed eaten by mimics). Perhaps the answers you seek will be found within!

Session 14

November 19, 2017

Welcome to the Citadel! A place of learning and magic and some good (and some cursed) magical loot.

The main point of attraction was the library, where you underwent three flashbacks - the first public arguments between the high mages, a snippet of war between Valasev and Megara, as well as a secret meeting between councillors attempting to end the war. A fourth vision laid everything clear: the mages fell into argument and things spiralled out of control into full blown war. The magic was threatening to tear the world apart, and so the gods intervened, imprisoning the mages and diverting their power to split the continents, keeping them weak.

It is your task to solve the issue - diplomatically or otherwise.

You then left, going south to the crypts, and found yourselves face to face with Baalgareth, who led you to Megara herself, imprisoned in shadowed tendrils. She pleaded your case and attempted to get you to free her, but you backed away, looking for alternative solutions.

You then turned your attention to Valasev's island/volcano, ending the session with a fight between yourselves and some of the creatures there.

Currently, you know:

Session 15

January 5, 2018

You began the session back at your house on the far side of the shores of Valasev. Sorfildor did a scouting run as a falcon and then you set off to enter the caves at the base of the now dormant volcano. Fighting your way through various fiery monsters, Jarrakas tanked all the damage. Especially from his teammates...

Once within the caves, you recognized them to be similar and eventually connected to the dwarven ruins you can across so long ago when you first came onto this island.

Eventually you found Valasev, who you learned wishes to purify the world by fire and start again. Not someone you seem to want to free right away.

Our session ends with you turning away from Valasev to find the next mage and learn their solutions to the conflict.

Session 16

January 28, 2018

Ding level 8! Right out of the gate you defeated a couple salamanders and returned to your home, levelling up to 8. From there you found your way to a guardian who allowed you to enter a portal that took you to the top of an unnatural cloud layer where you found Oren.

He seems to be a little more level headed - wishing only to remove the gods so no one has such power over the mortals. Power should be earned. He wishes to use his powers for healing and goodness for his people.

You politely left and made your way out from under the dry thunderstorm into much more windy territory. You passed Ilna and eventually found the center of the storm. After a couple false starts, you managed to make it into the eye and speak to Ereva, who wishes to replace the gods and guide the world with a new set - herself taking the domain of air and others each specializing in some domain.

Halfway done - now to figure out the others: Talia, Janice, Unger, and Garthan.

Reminder - Megara wants to rule over all and Valasev wants to raze the world and allow whatever is strong enough to survive to start anew.

Session 17

February 11, 2018

We picked up moving northwards up the east coast of Weiloch, away from Ereva towards Talia in Hiflit.

You dealt with some phase spiders (which definitely fazed you), and eventually found your way into Hiflit, easily accessed due to excessive snow mounds.

You found your way to what you found to be a library, which Sorfildor accessed as a giant badger.

Within, you found Vanda setting up a ritual to siphon Talia's life to create a demon, but managed to fell Vanda and disrupt the ritual (weakening what came next). However, this caused the ritual to go astray, and the demon arose in Vanda's place - a monstrous fiend with two pincers and two fists.

You fought valiantly (downing an extra phase spider in the process and spraying Sarenna with its blood), but in a mighty blow, the demon crushed Ander, who fell dead after a critical fail death saving throw. In a fit of rage, (and with the help of a mighty final blow by Ander,) Jarrakis melted the demon with his acid breath, but it was too late.

You spoke to Talia, although you were not in the speaking mood and found out that she wants to withdraw from all conflict and pursue knowledge. She claims that Janice had similar goals, while Unger would want to continue the war and Garthan to raze the world with Valasev.

You finally held a funeral for Ander, cremating him.

"The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one." - Seneca

Session 18

February 24, 2018

Beginning in Hiflit, you found the source of the howling - a yeti, locked in combat with a half-orc that you soon learned was named Feng.

He joined your party, and you headed north to speak with Janice. This revealed very little new information to you, and you realized it was time to make a choice of who to align yourselves with.

You chose Talia, and Janice once her prison opened.

Defeating some tentacles, you moved back to Hiflit, and after a short, almost deadly fight between three of you and a young Remorhaz, you freed Talia and had her help you divine an answer from the gods as to the order which the mages' prisons would open.

The clock now started, you travelled quickly down towards a now militaristic Ovekjava, where Sorfildor managed to renew his cloak and Feng bought Jarrakas a warhammer at Jarrakas' request.

Finally, you raced down to Kjava to find Ovekjavan Gray Templar there, attempting to enter by arguing with the gargoyles. By excellent usage of Karenthad's telepathy and Darkness spell, Sarenna's silence, and a whole lot of confusion from the Templar, you managed to enter Kjava without issue, closing the gates behind you.

Session 19

March 10, 2018

To begin the session, you once again stood before the citadel in Kjava. Talia led you in, and retrieved her bag of holding, and began to gather various books from the Kjavan library.

You went to the top floor and Sorfildor and Sarenna did their best to tame some adolescent Rocs, much to the displeasure of their mother, but eventually came to an agreement. During this time, Jarrakas and Karenthad managed to find three spell scrolls in the citadel.

After much debate, you sent word to the Gray Templar via the gargoyles to fetch their leader for discussion, and spent your waiting time hunting down and killing nothics and various types of ooze. You also learned of teleportation circles within the city which allow for fast travel between the citadel and the gates.

Not long after, Janice appeared, flying in on a magic carpet. She instigated talks with the guards, but ultimately she entered the city while the guards remained outside.

You returned to the citadel, where Janice went to speak with Talia, after promising to light the beacon and to raid her store of magic items for you, as well as figure out what Jarrakas' cursed sword does.

Within the next day you plan on allowing the Rocs to fly free, as well as recruit the midnight inn to begin to bring people to Kjava, in order to establish it as a defensible location, which Janice agrees is a good plan of action, and has mentioned that she believes protecting civilians is the most important thing.

Session 20

March 24, 2018

We began by exploring some of the houses near the citadel. You stocked up on some wine, whiskey, and something called Bluenose. You returned to the Citadel, where Janice helped you out a little and gave you several magic items, as well as revealed the secrets of Jarrakas' sword. After that, Talbaun called the midnight inn and enlisted Antoine to help out with spreading the word of upcoming war.

The next day, you encountered the leaders of the Gray Templar - the speaker Johann spoke with you and you decided to allow them into the city. The terms: the Gray Templar will be given an eighth of the city, as well as one eighth of the leadership of the city. In return, they will protect the city and clear it out of monsters. They will ally themselves with you in the coming war, and will act as the police and army of Kjava. Only Karenthad was allowed to speak directly with Julius, the Grand Templar.

Lastly, you met with Evinder who had somehow found you, and planned the next stages with the Gray Templar.

Megara is soon to be freed...

Session 21

April 29, 2018

Jarrakas began the session by falling off the top of the tower - and revealing his wings! Additionally, Karenthad informed the rest of you about the issue with the Grand Templar, who seems to be under the Great Old One's influence, and with a plan to bring the Great Old One onto the material plane.

You guys then spent a large amount of time planning. You spoke with Janice and Talia, as well as with Johann. The final decision was to deal with Valasev first, before he can cause too much damage and kill too many civilians. You spend a night bonding as a team, practicing against each other and drinking your fill.

The next day, you attempted to use the Midnight Inn to get close to Valasev's island, but it did not travel in that direction, and you eventually made your way back to Kjava, looking to regroup and plan the next course of action. During that time, both Megara and Unger went free, which conincided with the growth of the tears in reality. You found your powers augmented by closer inspection and contact with these tears, and each gained greater control of your abilities, or new abilities altogether.

Upon returning to Kjava, you saw a Nothic touch a tear, and it grew into a giant figure. We left off just before the battle...

Session 22

May 10, 2018

You began back at Kjava, fighting a Nothic that just turned into a giant beast – a Fomorian. Allied with two doppelgangers, it put up a fight, causing Sarenna to begin to show deformities just like it, but with a combined effort, you took it down and Karenthad removed the Curse of the Evil Eye from Sarenna.

You returned to the citadel and asked Johann for horses. After receiving the horses and waiting for Sorfildor to scrounge up 10gp worth of charcoal, you set out southwards to intercept Valasev and defeat him.

Travelling, you found the crystals had many strange effects, and had to deal with a small cloud of Grell. Additionally, you learned that should you stay away from the crystals for too long, the abilities they granted would fade, and you would begin to feel exhaustion – exhaustion such that you cannot simply sleep off. You also planted a bean, and it grew into a statue of Jarrakas, which promptly began to inform you all of how evil Jarrakas really is. You destroyed the statue. Ereva also teleported in to inform you that Valasev had formed a portal to the realm of fire and had brought through allies to aid him in his burning of the world – among which Talia had scried a dragon.

Now passing groups of people heading north towards Kjava, you rode south and eventually reached a point where you would await Valasev, fighting on your ground. As the wave of fire rolls toward you, your first enemy appeared – a fire giant with his pack of hell hounds. After a difficult fight, you defeated him. What other allies has Valasev brought through with him? You’ll find out soon...

Session 23

June 21, 2018

Following the battle with the Fire Giant and his pack of hell hounds, you took a short rest to recover and regain your strength. Moving forward, you found yourselves in a valley, where you were attacked by a humanoid fire elemental - an Efreeti - which fought you along with allied fire elementals, which it summoned to disrupt you. It managed to put more damage on you, though it seemed that between Sarenna hitting allies and Talbaun's wild magic causing him to turn into a block of ice, you dealt more damage to yourselves then anything else. Eventaully, it found its demise and you decided to settle for a long rest to regain your strength before the looming battle with Valasev.

However, it was not to be, and your rest was interrupted after about 4 hours. From one side - to the north - where you came from approached a man on horseback, while to the south you heard the flapping of dragon wings, as Valasev arrived on the back of a young red dragon. The man on horseback turned out to be a Gray Templar, though for what reason he was sent was never discovered, as he turned out to be drunk and in search of rum. Perhaps a deserter?

The battle with Valasev raged for some time as the sides traded blows, and as Valasev had no rum for the Templar, in his anger he eventually managed to bring down the dragon, then fell to Valasev. As the group unleashed spells, arrows, and blows into Valasev, he attacked back with fireballs and scorching rays, fended off with healing from Jarrakas, flying from ally to ally to help however he might. As the lava level rose around the party, they nearly fell to his spells when the marble elephant that Talbaun summoned finally managed to rush through the lava and gore Valasev, felling him with a mighty blow. Immediately, the connection to the plane of fire broke along with Valasev's arcane focus, and the lava began to cool. You dropped dead tired to the ground, and took a long rest, sleeping where you lay for the night.

Session 24

July 17, 2018

You completed your long rest and made your way back toward Kjava. Along the way you were ambushed by bandits, and ended up killing three, with Karenthad sparing the last one's life.

You took about a week to return to Kjava, which you found to be dealing with incursions from various beasts formed from the crystals. The Gray Templar however are holding with help from the Mages, though Megara and the Grand Templar Julius are missing.

You then turned your attention to the west, where an army of skeletons approached, led by Baalgareth and an undead Garthan. You decided that you would deal with Baalgareth and the mages with Garthan, and so it was - Karenthad blighting Baalgareth and the group mopping up the skeletons. Throughout the course of the fight, a Stone Golem protector fell, and Karenthad was bitten by Baalgareth and so the curse passed on...

Now you turn back to Kjava. Where might Megara and the Grand Templar be, and what are their schemes?

Session 25

August 29, 2018

Having defeated the skeleton army, you turned back to Kjava, where the sounds of fighting rose from the far quarter. You quickly made your way to the Citadel, where you saw the bodies of some allies and met a couple remaining friends who helped you with potions and brought you up to speed about the state of the city.

You made your way through, passing monstrous aberrations until you found yourselves at a park where Megara and the Grand Templar had managed to begin summoning an avatar of the Great Old One.

A long and intense battle ensued, with several mages being forced out and yourselves falling unconscious repeatedly, only to be revived and return to the fight. The High Templar fell first, then Megara, and finally the crystals that held open the gateway for the Great Old One were destroyed, and he too fell back into the void from which he came.

A quiet followed, and you met with the mages to decide on the future. Karenthad decided to stay as part of the council, but the rest of you had different plans, and after some time you parted ways, no longer bound by fate and instead able to pursue your own goals.

Time passed and the world moved on, but the tales lived on of Sarenna, Talbaun, Sorfildor, Karenthad, and Jarrakas - the heroes of Kjava and their mysterious walking house.

The End