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Looking back at some of the earliest worldbuilding I've ever done circa 2008-2010. It's a little embarrasing, but holds a special place in my heart so here it is. You'll note I was really into Pokémon at the time - making my own world naturally translated to making a bunch of creatures for it - complete with types, health, attacks, and evolution chains. The world inspired some of the basics (a.k.a. elemental areas) for Ancient Rift.

The World

The world of Renysk (named Renysk) was based around a bunch of elements - the analogue to Pokémon's types, but also somewhat inspired by Bionicle. Each element had its own country, and 'Normal' type was omnipresent. This map was the entire extent of the worldbuilding.

  • Airantelen - Air
  • Delentalon - Rock
  • Dirakon - Dark
  • Electon - Electric
  • Gelont - Grass
  • Icentor - Ice
  • Litonex - Light
  • Metrisen - Metal
  • Salontex - Sonic
  • Valantor - Fire
  • Wesenat - Water


There used to be a lot more creatures, but child me decided to cull a lot of them at one point. I've always been the one to just scrap and start over it appears.

Each creature is presented with it's info-box in my notes and its card if it had one made. The creation of these cards is split over a period of 3 years as can be seen by the copyright text at the bottom. Additionally, two pages of creature concepts have been added - the first with some descriptions of the elements, and a second where the 'Guardian of Light's' expression matches my own when I look at these. Note how despite being paper copies that were never seen by anyone else, both sport copyright symbols - apparently I was also paranoid as a child.

1. Fire Puff

2. Fire Puffiner

3. Fire Puffinateor

4. Water Puff

5. Water Puffiner

6. Water Puffinateor

7. Electric Puff

8. Electric Puffiner

9. Electric Puffinateor

10. Air Puff

11. Air Puffiner

12. Air Puffinateor

13. Grass Puff

14. Grass Puffiner

15. Grass Puffinateor

16. Rock Puff

17. Rock Puffiner

18. Rock Puffinateor

19. Ice Puff

20. Ice Puffiner

21. Ice Puffinateor

22. Sonic Puff

23. Sonic Puffiner

24. Sonic Puffinateor

25. Metal Puff

26. Metal Puffiner

27. Metal Puffinateor

28. Dark Puff

29. Dark Puffiner

30. Dark Puffinateor

31. Light Puff

32. Light Puffiner

33. Light Puffinateor

34. Elemental Puff

35. Elemental Puffiner

36. Elemental Puffinateor

37. Dracor

38. Toron

39. Hathon

40. Carnix

41. Racor

42. Triduo

43. Fiarzak

44. Spicklew

45. Spicklan

46. Spicklor

47. Doom Fish

48. Phis-phis

49. Phenlis

50. Elemental Spirit

51. Blayzisk

52. Protin

53. Electin

54. Neutrin

55. Atomor

56. Eggster

57. Eggsenestorrent

58. Eggxenextorrent

59. Kragore

60. Phynellion

61. Sident

62. Fireent

63. Seefet

64. Takosion

65. Talckasyin

66. Katanta

67. Karanata

68. Poxube

69. Pexcal

70. Xenelyl

71. Xeniksyl

72. Kaitherion

73. Slythfer

74. Sayfyle

75. Sylfire

76. Telan


Culled Drafts


The list of attacks had no stats attached to it, just attack names. Of course, most attacks of any single type must start with the name of that type, otherwise who would know what type they are? 'Fuze' was specifically spelled that way, and apparently, 'Stiff Grass Rain' was a really cool idea. I did mention this stuff is a little embarrasing.


  • Bounce
  • Roll
  • Tailwhip
  • Double Tailwhip
  • Triple Tailwhip
  • Bite
  • Punch
  • Throw
  • Take Down
  • Fakeout
  • Scratch
  • Peck
  • Rapid Peck
  • Harden
  • Slash
  • Headbutt
  • Stomp
  • Wrap
  • Chomp


  • Fireball
  • Flame
  • Fire Sight
  • Fire Wall
  • Fire Wave
  • Lava Pit
  • Overheat
  • Lavaball
  • Melt
  • Eruption
  • Ash


  • Waterball
  • Splash
  • Water Squirt
  • Water Blast
  • Wave
  • Hurricane
  • Moat
  • Slippery Ground
  • Waterfall


  • Electricball
  • Spark
  • Shock
  • Zap
  • Electric Bolt
  • Electric Cage
  • Electric Wave
  • Overcharge
  • Static


  • Grassball
  • Leaf Throw
  • Grass Spike
  • Leaf Edge
  • Stiff Grass Rain
  • Poison Spit
  • Gunk
  • Sticky Solution
  • Vine Wrap
  • Sweet Scent


  • Airball
  • Wind
  • Tornado
  • Suffocate
  • Air Wall
  • Weather Play


  • Rockball
  • Pebble Hit
  • Rock Slam
  • Rock Slide
  • Rock Tomb
  • Rock Wall
  • Ditch
  • Cliff
  • Mud Pit
  • Crater


  • Iceball
  • Frost
  • Ice Sheet
  • Ice Wave
  • Freeze
  • Icicle Rain
  • Chill
  • Ice Trap
  • Ice Wall


  • Metalball
  • Metal Headbutt
  • Metal Spike
  • Metal Wall
  • Metal Cage


  • Sonicball
  • Boom
  • Sound Block
  • Sonic Wave
  • Shatter
  • Soundwave
  • Chatter


  • Lightball
  • Sunshine
  • Ray
  • Blindray
  • Mirror
  • Future Sight
  • Copycat
  • Fuze


  • Darkball
  • Mist
  • Shade
  • Sleep
  • Darkness
  • Invisibility
  • Disable
  • Soul Eater
  • Curse


Normal Arena

HP: 100 / ∞ turns

A regular arena.

Normal Attacks x1.5

Fire Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

An arena in flames.

Fire Attacks x1.5

Water Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A submerged arena.

Water Attacks x1.5

Electric Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

An electrocuted arena.

Electric Attacks x1.5

Air Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A flying arena!

Air Attacks x1.5

Grass Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A very grassy and wild arena.

Grass Attacks x1.5

Rock Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A mountain like arena.

Rock Attacks x1.5

Ice Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

An icy cold arena.

Ice Attacks x1.5

Sonic Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

An amplified, but sound proofed arena.

Sonic Attacks x1.5

Metal Arena

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A metal built arena.

Metal Attacks x1.5

Dark Arena

HP: 95 / 11 turns

No light enters this arena.

Dark Attacks x1.5

Light Arena

HP: 95 / 11 turns

A very, very well lit up arena.

Light Attacks x1.5

Personal Arena

HP: 75 / 8 turns

It'll only help you!

All your attacks x1.5 (opponent has normal damage)

Special Effect Arena

HP: 80 / 8 turns

It's very special.

All special effects double e.g. poison 4 turns

Lava Pit

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A pit of lava, self-explanatory

All fire attacks x2

Open Sea

HP: 90 / 10 turns

It's the sea, duh!

All water attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

So much electricity!

All electric attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

It's in the air, obviously

All air attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

It's so leafy

All grass attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

A cave in a mountain

All rock attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

Brrr! It's so cold!

All ice attacks x2

Sound Wave

HP: 90 / 10 turns

Ow! My ears!

All sonic attacks x2

Armed House

HP: 90 / 10 turns

A very sturdy metal home

All metal attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

I'm on the sun!

All light attacks x2


HP: 90 / 10 turns

I'm on the moon!

All dark attacks x2

Upgraded Arena

HP: 90 / 20 turns

It's an upgraded arena

All normal attacks x2

Alternating Arena

HP: 100 / 24 turns

Is someone turning it on and off?

All attacks x1.5 every second turn. e.g. both players x1.5, then none

Circle of Life

HP: 110 / 13 turns

Life goes on.

Fire attacks against grass type creature x4, grass to water, water to fire

Balance Beam

HP: 200 / 20 turns

Very balanced, or everything topples

Light doesn't effect dark and vice versa

Dead Effects

HP: 95 / 11 turns

Special effects are not so special now

All Special Effects are ended and don't take place

Crooked Arena

HP: 50 / 5 turns

Up is sideways, down is up...

Flip a coin twice, if one is heads the attacking creature is confused

Aggressive Arena

HP: 30 / 5 turns

This arena can attack!

For every turn this arena is in play, all your opponents creatures take 5 D


HP: 70 / 7 turns

All is the same

No weakness or resistance takes place

Trading Card Game

That's right, there was a whole three-page document on how to play Renysk TCG. Different things had to get rounded up or down but the rules might sometimes conflict, there was apparently a shared graveyard, and you were expected to memorize a massive weakness/resistance table and just apply it to any and all attacks - not to mention certain status (or rather special) effects not affecting certain types. Oh, and it's up to the players the memorize the type for all attacks. Simple, right?

Side note, I fixed some of the spelling errors, but left a lot in just to keep it authentic.

How to Play Renysk TCG

The Deck


  1. The Name of the Creature.
  2. How many Hit Points (HP) the creature originally has. When the number of damage exceeds the number of HP, the creature dies and is discarded to the graveyard.
  3. The creatures type. This is one of Fire, Water, Electric, Air, Grass, Rock, Ice, Sonic, Metal, Dark, Lgiht, and/or Elemental. Type determines weakness and resistance. It is shown by a picture.
  4. Some extra info about the creature.
  5. A picture of the creature.
  6. Attacks that inflict damage on the other creature, and sometimes have effects. A creature may have up to eight attacks.


  1. The Name of the Arena.
  2. The amount of turns the arena lasts for and how much HP it has if attacked.
  3. A description of the arena.
  4. A picture of the arena.
  5. The effect an arena has.


Shuffle your deck and take 5 cards. Place one creature face-down on the field. It must be a not evolved creature. You may put more non-eveolved creatures begind the first one if you wish. If you cannot put a creature down, reshuffle your deck and try again. This goes for any time in the game - when you have nothing on the field and can't play a card. After both players have put down cards, flip them over. If one of you have an arena card, put it down now if you wish. If both players have one and want to put it down, flip a coin.

Starting the Game

Flip a coin. Whoever wins will go first.

1 Turn

At the start of your turn, draw a card. Next you may evolve a creature. After you do/don't you can switch you forward attacking creature, and you can put down more Back-Up Attacking Creatures and if possible an arena. Next you attack. If you kill your opponent's creature, he/she will have to discard it and replace it with a back-up attacking creature. Remember about any effects.

Special Effects

Confused - When your creature is confused, when you attack flip a coin. If heads you attack normally. If tails, you attack yourself.

Dazed - If you are dazed, you cannot attack for one turn.

Asleep - Your creature cannot attack for 3 turns, but regains 10 HP.

Paralysed - Your creature cannot attack for 2 turns.

Burned - Nest turn, your creature loses 5 HP.

Poisoned - Over the next 2 turns, your creature loses 5 HP each turn.

Blinded - Your next attack is halved in damage. (5 dmg rounds up)

Frozen - Your creature cannot attack for 2 turns. If ther is a fire creature on the field, it is only one turn.

Freeze doesn't work on fire types, burn on water, blind on light, and paralysed on electric.

If damage is halved, 5's round up (e.g. 25 dmg halved is 15 dmg)

All other effects are self explanatory or are explained on the card.

Some Rules

You can only have 1 FAC [forward attacking creature] and up to 4 BUAC's [back-up attacking creatures].

You can have up to 10 Cards in you hand.

Winning the Game

To win the game, you must defeat your opponent's entire deck.

If you have a card you can't play (e.g. Spicklew killed, have Spicklan), you can sacrifice it and draw another card.