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The market is central to Haven and where the majority of trade takes place. Many of the workshops and areas surround it, giving merchants great trade opportunities.

Points and People of Interest

Haven - and indeed the New World - is filled with people of all sorts who run businesses and create landmarks of importance for Haven's people.

Bow and Fletching

Bow and Fletching is a shop in Haven's Forest Ward often attended by the rangers, scouts, and hunters of Haven where the vulpin master bowyer and fletcher Kleftis Grayfur practices his trade. He is known for making strong recurve bows while also possessing the knowledge to craft crossbows when he has the materials on hand. Kleftis also enjoys experimenting with various types of ammunition.

Kleftis Grayfur is the owner of Bow and Fletching, a vulpin master bowyer and fletcher who can craft bows, crossbows, and ammunition for both with ease. He likes to experiment with strange ammunition and knows how to shoot just as well as he knows how to make the weaponry.


This shop is a strange mix of tailor and jeweller in Haven's Forest Ward, combining into a single shop that carries most of what anyone needs to look and feel good. The two luma sisters share duties, though Madeline takes the lead on most weaving, tailoring, and fashion while Lillia cuts and sets gemstones and looks after fine detailing.

Madeline and Lillia Brilliantine are luma sisters with the plumages of striped swallows. They are rarely seen separately and can often be confused for one another, though Madeline has more of an eye for fashion and colour while Lillia is better with small details and critical organization. They run Brilliantine's together - a combination of tailor's and jeweller's shop.

The Dancing Quill

This small shop in Haven's Forest Ward is a maze of bookshelves holding countless scrolls, parchments, books, ink pots, and quills. Run by Verity Farwing, any writing implements or scrolls needed can be purchased. Scrolls can also be sold to Verity for duplication and storage.

Verity Farwing is a quiet and rather timid luma with the plumage of a blue jay. She was found alone aboard the wreckage of the Polaris on the western coast of Haven, and returned with the adventurers and crew of the Dawning Horizon. Upon her return, she decided that though she may not be the wizard her master was, she can be a scribe for Haven and subsequently set up the Dancing Quill.

The Dawning Horizon

Haven's most famous ship and the first vessel to arrive on the shores of the New World where Haven would be established, the Dawning Horizon spends much of its time exploring the coastlines of the New World. Whenever it returns, it has a place of honour in Nova Bay Port.

Captain Talia Dewfoot is an established sailor and the captain of the Dawning Horizon. She is a capable hedge with a bad attitude for lazy sailors, always pointing out ropes that can be retied or sails that can be tightened.

First Mate Oswin Redfeather is an imposing gallus, with the bright and big plumage of a rooster. He’s friendly but commanding, often deferring to the captain but also at home commanding the sailors. He often leads from the front, taking the lead on ropes and steering.

Bosun Pritha Whitepaw, sister of Rajiv, is a lean, muscled mapach often seen belowdecks fixing the hull. She helps the crew out when things get tough, but often spends her time inspecting the ship and making sure her tools are in order.

Quartermaster Chiro Longflight is quiet and reserved, sticking to the crow’s nest or his cabin. This luma is never seen without at least one map and often has a quill in his beak.

Surgeon Azriel Swifttalon is a hawk-like raptor of an intellectual disposition. He’s interested in the workings of people and many of the crew note that he would probably be just as interested in taking people apart as stitching them back together. However, he does the job well, so his curiosity is tolerated, though he occasionally gets shouted at to stop prodding.

Cook Rajiv Whitepaw, brother of Pritha, is a rotund and friendly mapach, often seen with his tongue between his teeth as he stirs his newest creation in a large steaming pot. Often, these are mouthwatering broths, chilis, or pastas though sometimes he has a new idea that totally bombs. Crewmates often have favourites they request.

Ekjadarra's Cave

Along the coastline to the west of Haven, a small secluded cave can just barely be spotted with a keen eye.

Ekjadarra is a bronze dragon who lives just off the western coast. She's friendly but prefers to be left alone most of the time. She's also likes to hoard various treasures.

Fort Terakka

Deep in the mountain range to Haven's East known as the Spine lies the fort, mine, and quarry of Fort Terakka. Here hard labour increases Haven's wealth and supplies the town with stone and ores of all kinds. Adventurers often pass through on their way down into the dangerous mines.

Bran Greenspine leads Fort Terakka, taking on all administrative duties as a mayor of sorts. He is a tall cervan with wiry, but strong arms, speaking slowly and typically jovially.

Irene Tavuk is the lead carpenter of Fort Terakka - a large gallus with the brown plumage of a hen, often believed to be plump at first glance, but instead deceptively strong.

Lionel Regnis is an extremely socially-anxious gallus, his bright peacock plumage damaged and gray from lack of care. He is the lead mason of Fort Terakka, but speaks little and keeps to himself for the most part.

Norman Greasepaw is a mapach who has taken on mining work at the fort. He likes to gamble and flirt with Daisy Stormpelt. Together, they take care of the giant pillbugs of Fort Terakka.

Daisy Stormpelt is a vulpin who has taken on mining work at the fort. She gambles often and has developed a close relationship with Norman Greasepaw. Together, they take care of the giant pillbugs of Fort Terakka.

Reginald Silverspeck is a corvum who works as a miner at Fort Terakka.

Haven Chronicle

Haven's leading newspaper is headquarters in Haven's Sky Ward, though its journalists may be found most anywhere.

Jamie Ulrich is the lead journalist. He is a vulpin who is always sneaking around, looking for the best story and the truth behind the town gossip.

Polly Prismafeather has some of the brightest feathers in Haven as a macaw-feathered luma. She lives for gossip and writes primarily fluff pieces.

Garth Umbar is a black-feathered corvus with a keen eye for coin. He spends his days at the market and writes market analysis for the Chronicle.

Wilbur Shortsnout does indeed have a short snout. He is the owner of the Chronicle and the Editor-in-Chief. This hedge also writes the News in Short column and often adds riddles or puzzles into the newspaper when there is space left over.

Kuo-Toa Quarter

Though the bulk of the New World's kuo-toa continue to live tribal lives around Lake Kuo-Toa, some have chosen to come to Haven for a better (less bloody) life. They are still learning about Haven's customs, but also enrich Haven with their knowledge of the New World and their own customs that they share in return.

Dumpel is the headmaster of the Uldabop tribe, enlightened with the wisdom of his ancestors and the writings found in New World ruins. He knows about the danger of Gnec and has struck a bargain with Haven - in return for sheltering his people, he will aid Haven and the adventurers in ending the Asterian Avatar (or abomination as he calls them) menace.

Palladoop was one of the kuo-toa who fought with the adventurers at the Shimmering Marsh. After spending some time in Haven jail, he was reunited with the Bellepe tribe where he acted as liason for Haven. Since the destruction of his tribe, Palladoop has returned to Haven as one of many kuo-toa refugees.

Lake Kuo-Toa

Several days travel to the north of Haven lies Lake Kuo-Toa - so named due to the many kuo-toa tribes that live around it. The kuo-toa do so due to the existence of a powerful Asterian Avatar in the lake - known as the Gnec - that the kuo-toa worship as a deity.

Ollipop is the deceased archpriest and leader of the Bellepe tribe. He was quick to claim anything and everything for his tribe.

Pelp was a priest of the Bellepe tribe, now deceased.

Lotta's Treats

A popular bakery found on Redwood Avenue in Haven's Forest Ward, Lotta's Treats is run by Lotta Bartalotti who sells fresh bread, muffins, sweet rolls, cookies, cupcakes, and always freshly brewed coffee.

Lotta Bartalotti is a rotund hedge who bakes all sorts of breads, sweet rolls and other treats at Lotta's Treats, serving them with always freshly-brewed coffee.

Nova Bay Port

Haven's Port in the Sea Ward is fully equipped to handle the coming and going of many ships and boats, complete with warehousing for goods and drydocks for repairs.


Located next to an underground lake in the mines beneath Fort Terakka, Nyumbani is the home of the myconids - little mushroom people who range the tunnels and have proven to be very gracious and accepting, as well as always peaceful.

Izibi is the village elder and welcomed the party to Nyumbani when they first arrived.

Shujaa has a warrior's spirit and was a little antagonistic towards the party at first due to them killing a spore servant.

Uyoga is a scout leader and one of the first myconids the party met.

Perchguard Headquarters

Located right between the Sky and Forest Wards of Haven, the Perchguard headquarters are composed of a large campus that houses barracks, an armoury, an adminstrative building, and a large training ground. Here, Haven's guard and primary line of defense train to protect.

Captain Logan Asker is a burly raptor, as mean as he is short. He's straight to the point and quick to delegate, with steely gray eyes and the feather pattern of a red-tailed hawk.

Rydia Kavka is a corvum with a white belly and black back like a jackdaw. She is typically clad in chainmail with a large tower shield and a mace.

Pinneedle's Leatherworking

Found on the outskirts of Haven's Sky Ward, Pinneedle's Leatherworking stands alone, the smell of the tanneries keeping other from building close. However, the hedge Tamara Pinneedle doesn't seem to mind and happily brings her wares to the market on most weekdays to sell. She is also known to pay fairly for any hides hunters, rangers, or adventurers bring her.

Tamara Pinneedle is a hedge who carefully grooms her spines, plucking old spines to create needles with which she does her leatherworking. Tamara is a little quirky, friendly but odd enough to have few - if any - friends, but she never seems to mind. She runs Pinneedle's Leatherworking.

Quercus Carpentry

Named after the great oak - though there are few in the New World - and fonud in Haven's Forest Ward, Quercus Carpentry creatings things that last. The cervan Milo Buckthorn is very particular about the woods he uses and often takes trips deep into the woods surrounding Haven to pick the perfect lumber.

Milo Buckthorn owns Quercus Carpentry, Haven's premier woodcarving and carpentry shop. He is very particular and can often obsess over small details for hours or days. However, this does ensure his work is of the finest quality, if delivery times may often be delayed.

Raanan's Alchemical Emporium

Established deep in Haven's Forest Ward, Raanan's Alchemical Emporium is a building of many sounds and smells - often alarming ones at that. However, the potions and tonics created by the peculiar lizardfolk owner Raanan's Mashkeh are a great boon to Haven, so the smells of acrid smoke and sounds of small explosions are tolerated by the nearby populace.

Raanan Mashkeh is a lizardfolk native to the New World, arriving from beyond the Spine mountains to find somewhere to set up an alchemist's shop. He's unique amongst Haven's natives with his dark green scales and piercing yellow eyes, often clad in a simple traveller's cloak after spending days afield searching for alchemical components.

The Shattered Prism

The Shattered Prism is very easy to find in Haven's Sky Ward as the entire storefront is hung with stained glass of various colours, reflecting and refracting light in every direction and every colour across the street. Nora Middlepaw is a talented jerbeen glassblower who makes all sorts of trinkets and baubles alongside the more typical vials and bottles of her profession.

Nora Middlepaw is the jerbeen owner of the Shattered Prism. She creates trinkets and baubles of all sorts in many stained-glass colours, decorating not just her shop but much of Haven. She is a kangaroo mouse with an eye for light and reflection.

The Silver Hammer

The Silver Hammer is a small foundry that stands in Haven's Sky Ward. It is one of the few buildings made entirely of stone and mortar and also one of the few workshops in the Sky Ward owned and operated by a birdfolk - a corvum by the name of Rhen Fermus, whose black feathers are streaked with silver, though often marred by soot and ash.

Rhen Fermus is a raven-like corvum with silver streaks in his feathers, though they are often hidden in the ash and soot of the smithy. Rhen runs the Silver Hammer and peculiarly (for a birdfolk) rarely leaves the Sky Ward for the trees of the Forest Ward.

Totem Tree

Perhaps the first landmark of Haven, the Totem Tree is being carved over time by Varak Swiftclaw to commemorate the history of Haven. It is located in the Forest Ward, though close to the center of Haven itself.

Town Hall

Haven's Town Hall is located in a square in the Sky Ward, not too far from the Sea Ward. While open markets often take place in the town square directly in front of the hall, the hall itself is home to all government and administrative duties done in Haven.

Paula Longhorn is the cervan Master of Law.

Barbara Lunala is the luma Master of Commerce.

Herbert Twinfeather is the gallus Master of Development.

Oleg Koloss is the strigg Master of External Relations.

The Undertow

The Undertow is not just a tavern and an inn, but also a ship that has been beached in the midst of the Sea Ward. The port has been built around it and it now takes a central place in Haven. The top deck provides outdoor seating while the forecastle and aftercastle hold indoor seating and the kitchen. Beneath are three tiers of rooms, all tended by the gallus Mallee Occella.

Mallee Occella is the proprietor of the Undertow, a ship-turned-inn and tavern. This malleefowl gallus keeps things running and her workers on their toes, but puts in just as much - if not more - work herself into her business.

The Warehouse

When Haven was first constructed, many temporary warehouses were set up to house food, clothing, and materials. Though most were taken down as housing and shops were built, The Warehouse was kept standing in Haven's Sea Ward by strigg Ronin Silentfeather and after cleaning it out and reinforcing it into a proper building, he reopened it as the town's finest general goods store.

Ronin Silentfeather is the owner of the Warehouse, Haven's premier General Goods Store. Ronin is a large fish owl strigg, with brown plumage and large yellow eyes. He is matter-of-fact and runs his shop honestly and fairly.

Windrunner Headquarters

The northernmost point of Haven, directly between the Sky and Forest Wards are the Windrunner Headquarters, a small campus comprised of an office building, a mess hall, an armoury, and training grounds. Windrunners dispatch missions and train new members here.

Elias Littlepaw is one of many scouts for the Windrunners - a small, squeaky, and quick-speaking jerbeen. His right ear is torn from a past scuffle and though brave, he does prefer to have professionals - the adventurers - deal with any dangerous situations.

Hester Scoresby is a large jerbeen with the look of a hare. She's doing her best to hide the fact that her eyesight is failing, but it's likely only a matter of time before she is no longer able to aid the Windrunners in her usual way - as a swift and slippery scout.

Levi Titanquill is a porcupine hedge with large brown quills that turn to white at their tips. He heads the adminstration of the Windrunners and keeps close tabs on all their members, using his strong memory just as well as his strong organizational skills.

Meena Quickstep is a small, shy, and quiet jerbeen who has helped the party out to get to their goal in a timely manner.

Melanie Vol has only just begun at the Windrunners, taking up a training position after her dangerous run-in with Derrek Hardbeak's bandits. She's a corvum with the plumage of a jackdaw, and often trains her rapier skills with Will and Rowan Kenrith.

Pollux Turtleheart is a green scout who was saved by the party in the Spine. He is a tiny jerbeen with tufted ears who is often carrying a giant pack larger than him.

Uma Keeneye is another scout, head of the northern explorations. She is a luma with the white-speckled black plumage of a starling and is never seen without her bow and a quiver of arrows.

Will and Rowan Kenrith are twin vulpin with the look of grey foxes. The two are largely inseperable and always have each others' backs, taking on more direct missions that allow them to work with their rapiers and a little magic.