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Over the course of their time in the New World, the adventurers have discovered a plethora of local creatures and have fought many of them. Creatures encountered have been listed below. Use the links below to quickly jump to various sections. Note that certain creatures have been reclassified from their typical 5e types.

Asterian Avatars

Massive creatures totally corrupted by asterian quartz, which threaten great danger upon Haven and the New World at large.

Adama, the Diamondshell

Adama made its slow way along the ocean shore east of Haven, and the adventurers had to intervene to protect their city.


It seems the new world is home to a variety of beasts - many of them oversized and a select few adapted to the strange Asterian Crystals that can be found throughout the continent.

Bat, Giant

Encountered: 7

Deep in the mines of Fort Terakka, giant bats flit about in a massive chasm, looking for prey to get too close to the tunnel entrances.

Bear, Asterian

Encountered: 1

This grizzly was found to have strange crystals growing out of its back - which when activated by the bear caused it to enlarge in size, regain health, and gain resistance to non-magical weapon attacks.

Cougar, Asterian

Encountered: 1

Much like the asterian bear that was tracked down in the Petraklad Woods, this asterian cougar was similarly covered in asterian quartz crystals. However, this time it attacked the party in an attempt to claim a giant pillbug as its prey, using its abilities to call avalanches and winter winds.

Crocodile, Two-Headed

Encountered: 1

Found in the lake near the Myconid Village, how this creature had managed to find a living in the same place as the sea serpent is impossible to say. It did not survive contact with the party.

Lightning Eel

Encountered: 18

These electrified eels seem to inhabit brackish waters along some of the New World's coast - near the wreckage of the Polaris for example.

Lightning Eel, Giant

Encountered: 8

These oversized electrified eels seem to inhabit brackish waters along some of the New World's coast - near the wreckage of the Polaris for example.

Monitor, Asterian

Encountered: 1

Covered in asterian quartz crystals like its asterian cousins, the asterian monitor was found in the Petrified Grove, where upon being defeated, the crystals on its back shattered and reanimated the creature as a stone-cursed form of itself.

Pillbug, Giant

Encountered: 3

Such gentle giants are used as beasts of burden by the peoples of Haven. Osbert has purchased one from Fort Terakka!

Sea Lion

Encountered: 2

Two such scaled mer-lions attacked the party as they rowed across Lake Kuo-toa.

Spider, Giant

Encountered: 4

Adventurers were attacked by a giant spider and four giant wolf spiders while tracking the Asterian Bear. Much tougher giant spiders ambushed the party deep in the mines beneath Fort Terakka.


Encountered: 15

A cloud of these mosquito-bat creatures attacked the adventurers as they escorted a caravan through the Petraklad Woods to establish Fort Terakka.

Swarm of Insects (Spiders)

Encountered: 8

In the north-west mines beneath Fort Terakka, spiders gather - including many swarms of tiny spiders.

Vampiric Swarm

Encountered: 4

Just off the western coast, these creatures inhabited a bare, sun-bleached skeleton and attacked whenever anything neared it.


Encountered: 1

A massive wakewyrm attacked the Dawning Horizon on its first voyage to the New World. It was fought off, but escaped into the depths.

Wolf Spider, Giant

Encountered: 13

Adventurers were attacked by a giant spider and four giant wolf spiders while tracking the Asterian Bear. Such spiders have continued to resurface in different areas of the New World.


Made and animated, constructs can be helpful or harmful.

Chess Pieces

Encountered: 6

Deep in the mines below Fort Terakka, the party had to cross a chessboard upon which appeared pieces to match the positions they themselves had chosen. In the end, they faced off against a King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawn.

Faerie Mech

Encountered: 1

Faeries decided to spice up Starlight Eve celebrations with the creation of a massive mech they dropped next to the Totem Tree, firing stained glass shards and gemstones from its cannon and bashing things with a Starlight Tree club.

Stone-Cursed Doe

Encountered: 8

Part of a large herd in the Petrified Grove, the stone-cursed does swarmed the party but failed to leave much of a mark.

Stone-Cursed Squirrel

Encountered: many

These creatures attempted to make off with the party's valuables in the Petrified Grove, but failed to leave a lasting mark. One was caputed by Varak as a pet and dubbed Dwayne.

Stone-Cursed Stag

Encountered: 3

Part of a large herd in the Petrified Grove, the stone-cursed stag were found to be easily felled when smashed with bludgeoning weapons.


Ancient wyrms may yet inhabit this land...

Bronze Dragon

Encountered: 1

The bronze dragon known as Ekjadarra inhabits a cave on the shore far to the west of Haven. She's extremely curious, and generally prefers to be on the coast or over the ocean to flying inland.

Sea Serpent

Encountered: 1

Not far from the myconid village of Nyumbani lies a massive underground lake, inhabited by a terrifying beast - a massive sea serpent. After a close call against it, the party decided it may be best to become a little stronger before returning to take it on.


Amongst the beasts of the New World, elementals can also be found - spirits of chaos that often attack first.

Flail Snail

Encountered: 1

This large, slow snail has a translucent body and shell that glitters in the light of the party's driftglobe. It has been left alone to roam the Terakka Mines.


Encountered: 9

These little creatures looked like crabs with gemstones for shells when they swarmed the party in the Terakka Mines.

Mephit, Dust

Encountered: 12

Hiding in the dusty tunnels beneath for Terakka, these mephits rose up to attack the explorers on a steep tunnel slope. Others were found on Starlight Eve when faeries concealed them in the Warehouse.

Mephit, Ice

Encountered: 4

These capricious creatures rose out of the snow in the New World to attack Kodenn as his back was turned.

Mephit, Magma

Encountered: 4

These creatures were found melting Rhen Fermus' forge and then powering the Faerie Mech on Starlight Eve.

Mephit, Mud

Encountered: 9

Mephits made of mud were found hiding in the mud of a tunnel that sloped underwater under the Terakka Mines.

Mephit, Smoke

Encountered: 5

These creatures were found melting Rhen Fermus' forge and blocking his chimney on Starlight Eve.

Mephit, Steam

Encountered: 2

Faeries captured these imp-like creatures to help power their Starlight Eve mech, releasing them to cause chaos during the battle.


Encountered: 1

This three-legged creature was found guarding a trove of gemstones in the Terakka Mines.


A couple fey have been encountered in the New World, none of them helpful.


Encountered: 1

This strange, small humanoid creature looks like a cross between a monkey and a raccoon. It was found gorging on the remains of an ankheg queen and her eggs, and almost escaped the party with a shadow step.


Though rare, it appears fiends too inhabit this land - demonic in form so far.

Scarecrow Effigy

Encountered: 1

This largely ethereal being took on the form of a scarecrow with a large red scythe and powerful claws. It dashed across the battlefield with ease, cleaving foes in it's path. Our adventurers chose to save themselves and fight another day, and so still it remains in the crypt buried deep below Fort Terakka.


While the Old World was home to Birdfolk and Humblefolk, it appears this New World may have stranger inhabitants - Fishfolk.


Encountered: 12

Some humble- and birdfolk have attempted to voice their discontent through crime. Most were arrested, some paid with their lives.


Encountered: many

These strange, primitive fish people live in clans around the lake to the north of Haven. Various amounts of contact have been made with various tribes, and a large group of kuo-toa have come to inhabit Haven itself.

Kuo-Toa Assassin

Encountered: 1

The kuo-toa Jonin Pukla of the Shopo tribe attacked the party on his own, attempting to surprise them and bring them down for their impromptu alliance with the Uldabop tribe. Unfortunately, he did not survive the encounter.


Encountered: 1

It appears that lizardfolk live somewhere in the New World, but the only known lizardfolk is Raanan Mashkeh, Haven's alchemist.


Encountered: many

In the tunnels beneath Fort Terakka, these strange mushroom people live in a small community and keep the tunnels clear of bodies by enlisting them into their spore servant ranks.


A massive variety of monstrosities seem to inhabit just about any corner of this New World.


Encountered: 3

First met aboard the Dawning Horizon, these lobsterfolk attacked the ship as it was making its journey to the New World for the first time.


Encountered: 7

These acid spweing insectoids had ravaged a part of the Petraklad Woods and needed to be exterminated.

Ankheg Brute

Encountered: 1

This ankheg was larger than the others, and instead of spewing forth acid at will, it exploded upon death.

Ankheg Spine Shooter

Encountered: 5

These ankheg were slightly smaller and fought with hit-and-run tactics by burrowing in and out of walls, spewing forth acid and firing spines at the party.


Encountered: 1

Found in the chasm below Fort Terakka by signal whistle, this creature enveloped Osbert, transferring half the damage from itself to him.


Encountered: 9

Imitating stalagtites on the ceiling of the mines under Fort Terakka, these creatures dropped down to attack with their clouds of darkness.


Encountered: 9

One of these could be found tending to the spiders beneath Fort Terakka - before it was summarily executed without a chance to even move.


Encountered: 1

This worm-like creature inhabited a narrow tunnel that made fighting it difficult. It split its front end into four tentacles to reveal a large beak, with which it attacked.

Hook Horror

Encountered: 1

One of these creatures was found wandering the tunnels beneath Fort Terakka, scraping it's long hooked arms along the ground.

Phase Spider

Encountered: 1

On a dark corner of the mines beneath Fort Terakka, this pale white creature managed to ambush and kill Orion's steed Eclipse and nearly take out Varak before being vanquished, phasing in and out of the material plane to attack from all sides.


Encountered: 24

These stalactite-looking creatures dropped from the ceiling to attack the party as they delved into the mines beneath Fort Terakka.


Encountered: 1

Hiding in the mines beneath Fort Terakka, this creature whipped out tendrils to reel the party in, only to meet its own demise.

Rust Monster

Encountered: 5

Feeding off the ore veins in the mines beneath Fort Terakka, these creatures were defeated but not before damaging Varak's favourite maul.

Umber Hulk

Encountered: 1

This humanoid-insect hybrid had the capability of confusing those who looked into its large bug-like eyes.


The marshy and water-inundated areas of the New World seem to be home to a variety of different oozes.

Black Pudding

Encountered: 1

This large ooze wobbled menacingly near a subterranean river in the mines of Fort Terakka.

Gelatinous Cube

Encountered: 1

First seen as a suspicious set of three floating gemstones, the cube was soon revealed and did its best to engulf the party.

Gray Ooze

Encountered: 6

These tar-like creatures inhabited places even spiders dared not venture in the depths of the mines beneath Fort Terakka.

Shifting Slime

Encountered: 7

This massive ooze clung onto the massive asterian quartz in the Shimmering Marsh, possibly feeding on it? More were found later in the same marsh.

Sticky Slime

Encountered: 15

Found in large numbers around the Shimmering Marsh, these slimes like to swarm creatures that have sunk into quicksand.


Strangely enough, most plant creatures the group has met have been underground.


Encountered: 2

Floating shrieking spores deafened the party in the mines.

Spore Servant, Hook Horror

Encountered: 1

The same hook horror defeated in previous explorations had been reanimated by the myconid inhabitants of the mines beneath Fort Terakka.

Violet Fungus

Encountered: 5

These purple mushrooms have a rotting touch, but their slow movement made them easy to take out.


It would seem certain creatures don't succumb to death here in the new world - especially in the crypts buried under the Fort Terakka mines.

Crawling Claw

Encountered: 2

These disembodied hands attacked alongside some proper zombies and were dispatched with ease.


Encountered: 3

Hiding in the ruins of a temple was a skull that glowed with green flame. It seemed to be attached in some way to a book. Upon revisiting the area, the flameskull had regenerated, and attacked with a frenzy. Further flameskulls were found in the crypts below the Terakka Mines.

Skeletal Monstrosity

Encountered: 12

These monstosities were once regular skeletons, but all the bones had been mixed up and they crawled forth with various numbers of heads, legs, arms, and even spines.


Encountered: 23

The skeletal shapes of long-dead birdfolk. Many of these had various coloured veins running through the bones and could only be harmed when the correct lantern shone its light on them.


Encountered: 28

As the group defended a point in the mines, shadows coalesced and attacked in waves, managing to weaken Varak considerably, but ultimately proving no match to the party.


Encountered: 9

These translucent undead came out of the walls as the party attempted to cross a puzzle hallway in a burial mound within the second level of the mines below Fort Terakka.


Encountered: 17

Ancient mummified corpses of birdfolk litter the southeast tunnels in the second level of the Terakka Mines, often mixed with regular dead bodies that allow the zombies to attack from a hidden position.

Zombie Brute

Encountered: 4

Some of the zombies found beneath Fort Terakka are larger and meaner than the others - weilding old broken weapons with powerful force.