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Archive of previous town hall votes, as well as completed custom deliveries.


01 - Exploration

January 15-25, 2021

With the establishment of Haven, the next months are a flurry of activity – building homes, establishing gardens and setting up workshops. You’ve been at work ensuring the safety of the nearby area and protecting Haven from the occasional natural threat.

During this time, several ships have arrived, bringing people and resources to the New World. Haven has grown to a sizable town, and talk has turned to the future here – where might others have landed? What resources can be found here? What else is there to be found?

The only question that remains is where to begin the exploration:

  1. Northwards, along the river to see what lies along the path of the river. Could this be a future trade route to bring goods across the New World?
  2. Eastwards, through the forest towards the mountains. What resources could be collected in this land – foraged, hunted, mined?
  3. Westwards, over the river and into the plains beyond. If there is any sign of civilization in the New World, would it not lie in the grasslands?

Vote Tied: A and B

After deliberation, explorers have been sent primarily northward, following the river and eastward, through the forest. They have been instructed to remain stealthy in their travels, note any points of interest, and otherwise map out the area they explore. Their safety is the top priority – should they come across anything dangerous, they are to return immediately and notify the adventurers to deal with it.

02 - Construction

January 29 - February 8, 2021

Haven continues to expand as more and more ships arrive from the Old World. Many of these ships may have arrived at different areas, but there will be time later to consider where and how to reconnect. More importantly, though this New World has many resources, there remains a lack of people to work them and now that the basic needs of the town have been met – food and shelter – there is much disagreement as to what should be built next.

Various propositions have been made, though you may wish to propose your own for what should be built first.

  1. A wall and/or towers to keep Haven safe. Who knows what further dangers lurk in this new land that Haven will need protection from?
  2. A proper port and docks. With an easier way of stocking ships, more of the coastline can be mapped and possible other settlements found.
  3. A temple – a place of rest and recovery from any ailments or conditions that may affect the town under the watch of priests.
  4. Write in vote – what do you propose?

Vote Won: B

A general agreement is reached that a port and docks will be the most beneficial for the town in this moment. Defensive walls and a temple will be built following but will take time.

03 - Naming the Bay

February 12 - 22, 2021

The Windrunners – scouts, rangers, and cartographers in Haven – have begun to standardize some of the names of locations around Haven. The North and East Rivers have been dubbed so due to how common the usage of those terms has become, the forest to the east has been titled the Petraklad Woods, and the mountains beyond the Spine. However, the bay where Haven stands is more difficult to name – various names have been used and no one has been able to standardize it. With maps being made, the time has come to properly name it:

  1. Haven Bay
  2. Nova Bay
  3. Totem Bay
  4. Write in vote – what do you propose?

Vote Won: B

A final consensus has been reached and the title has been printed on maps – Haven now officially stands on the shores of Nova Bay.

04 – Whither the Winds

February 26 - March 8, 2021

As Nova Bay Port nears completion, questions are beginning to arise – the Dawning Horizon will be the first ship to leave the port and begin exploration of the New World’s coastlines. It is assumed that adventurers will aid in the first voyage to ensure the safety of the ship on the coast and to explore outwards should anything be found.

What is less clear about this maiden voyage is which direction it should go:

  1. Eastwards to sail around the mountains.
  2. West to explore the plain coastline.

Vote Won: B

The final decision stands: the Dawning Horizon will sail west, around the plains.

05 – Do You Have a Flag?

March 8 - 22, 2021

Now that Nova Bay Port is nearly complete, a question has arisen. When the Dawning Horizon sets sail to explore the coasts, what flag should it wave? None of the Old World banners really seem to fit anymore, and Haven needs a way to present itself to the New World.

A call has gone out for flag designs, to be chosen from before the Dawning Horizon leaves port - and submissions have been received! Now to decide on the flag to represent Haven.

  1. This flag design is based on the geography of Haven—right on the coast with the blue river flowing past. The colour blue symbolizes Haven's proximity to the sea, as well as its trust in the newcomers that sail into its ports. White stands for peace and protection, which coincides with the definition of "haven" and is the town's representation on the flag. The yellow half circle is the setting sun in the west, and symbolizes a happiness and wealth for its citizens (not necessarily monetary, but also in terms of well-being).
  2. The blue of this flag symbolizes the sky for the birdfolk, the ocean that was crossed to reach the New World, and good fortune. The green represents the ground for the humblefolk and the fertility of the forest and plains that have been settled. The white circle and ring represent the settlement of Haven itself and its growing borders respectively. White was chosen as the colour of peace and harmony. The black six-pointed star symbolizes the six adventurers who journey out from Haven into the unknown. The shape and colour act as a symbol of protection and determination.
  3. A green field symbolizes the New World – the forests, the plains, and fertility for those who live there. On this field is a golden rose, a symbol of hope and good fortune, of wealth and of building up to a better future. In chief, a white stripe represents peace for the citizens of Haven – especially with their new neighbours, but is lightly tinted gray, a remembrance of the ashes that were left behind in the Old World.
  4. In the centre of the flag is a hexagon to symbolize the six adventures who protect Haven and call it their home; they are a combination of yellow and white as a representation of a bright future and safety. The wave within signifies Haven's proximity to the coast. A blue base further represents the ocean, as well as Haven's fluidity when it comes to trade and new arrivals. The white background and off-centre placement leave room for development, and greater things to come for a small town that is eager to explore its boundaries.

Vote Won: A

The votes have been counted - congratulations Misha! Option A will be the official flag of Haven. Thank you Misha and Osbert for your submissions!

06 – The Perchguard

March 26 - April 5, 2021

Few things remain quiet in Haven, and news has spread of the war-like nature of the kuo-toa that you share the New World with. Many thoughts have arisen, but the foremost amongst them is that of Haven’s defenses. Haven has little in terms of a town guard, but recent sentiment has indicated that perhaps a guard should be established. However, the exact details are yet to be decided pertaining to this Perchguard, as many are calling it.

  1. The Perchguard should be a proper, trained town guard, patrolling the streets as necessary, setting watches to the north, and sometimes aiding the Windrunners when required. However, this would be expensive to set up – a tax of 1gp would have to be paid from all citizens of Haven and it would be likely to drive up the prices of weaponry and armour yet further – at least until mines are properly functional and demand can be sated.
  2. The Perchguard should be more of a militia – any armed citizen of Haven can take part and may even be conscripted should the need arise. The quality would be lower, but it is a much cheaper option. However, this would also require weapons to be available, likely once again driving up the prices.
  3. There is no need for a Perchguard. The kuo-toa do not yet seem to recognize Haven’s existence and are unlikely to attack so far away from their homes anyway. If worst comes to worst, there is no way that adventurers and Windrunners will not be enough to keep the fish-people at bay.

Vote Won: A

To guard this slowly growing town of just under 1,000 residents, it has been chosen to train and arm a proper Perchguard to be both the town guard and army if such need arises.

07 - The Lumber Guild

April 16 - 26, 2021

The abundance of wood of all shapes and sizes is a boon to the people of Haven but has driven down the price of wood and wood-based products quite extensively. The various individuals whose livelihood relies on such products have begun to grumble about how their quality of life is lower than they would expect due to such low prices.

A call has gone out to establish a Lumber Guild – an authority which would govern over the logging of the Petraklad Woods and aid in making prices fairer in the long term. They propose to restrict the availability of wood to common from abundant but subsidize the price should there be a forest fire or similar that may cause wood to become rare, keeping the availability at no rarer than uncommon. In short – wood products would become more expensive now but would be subsidized should they ever become more difficult to procure. Various voices have spoken out about this, but the vote boils down to a simple decision:

  1. Allow the Lumber Guild to be established.
  2. Disallow the Lumber Guild from being established.

Vote Won: A

The Lumber Guild has been established, limiting timber production in order to make it more sustainable in the long run. Wood as a resource can now no longer be abundant, but can also not drop below uncommon.

08 - Road Work Ahead

November 12 - 22, 2021

With Fort Terakka established and stone getting delivered from the quarries, a call has gone out to make travel easier between the fort and Haven. This doesn’t have to be a proper road – though some would like it to be – but trekking through the wilderness can be dangerous, even with the Windrunners ensuring safety along the route.

Yet, is a road the best solution? Some are saying that riverboats would be much more functional – while the current sky-high transport prices would make things more expensive, river travel would be both safer and would likely be able to handle more product at a time, as well as free up the giant pillbugs from transport duty to things like farming. What would be the best for Haven?

  1. Clear up the route and make it into a functional road. This is the fastest and cheapest option, but will be less effective in the long run.
  2. Build riverboats and establish a shipping schedule. This will be more expensive and take a little longer, but is likely the safest option.
  3. Set up not just a road, but a railroad track for carts down from Fort Terakka. This will be the most expensive and highest-maintenance option, but would be the most upgradeable as funds and technology allow.

Vote Won: B

Riverboats have begun production and shipping schedules are being drawn up. The lumber guild is happy for the increased workload as well!

09 - Demonyms

December 3 - 13, 2021

With Fort Terakka being more defined as a place apart from Haven, both places need some kind of demonym, as none have really stuck just yet.

Vote for both a Haven and a Fort Terakka demonym! Feel free to write in an option if you have ideas.

  1. Havenite
  2. Havener
  3. Haveneer
  1. Terakkan
  2. Terakkian
  3. Terakkaner

Vote Won: A, A

Henceforth, residents of Haven shall be known as Havenites and residents of Fort Terakka as Terakkans.

10 - I Didn't Vote For You!

January 21 - 31, 2022

Though Haven has gotten by so far without a defined leader, recent ongoings with the kuo-toa and the growing need for a more formal relationship between Haven and Fort Terakka have proven that Haven would benefit from more centralized leadership. Thus far, most law and order has been placed with the Perchguard, while more administrative tasks have simply not been accomplished. It is time for that to change.

Naturally, leadership will be chosen by election. A 2-year term seems the most functional for a new and changing Haven to still have stability without being locked in for a long period of time. However, should there be a term limit? If so, how long should it be? Additionally, should election candidates run as individuals or should a party system be put into place? Vote for both issues!

  1. No term limit.
  2. 3 term limit.
  3. 1 term limit.
  1. Individual Candidates
  2. Political Parties
  3. Elected Council

Vote Won: B, C

As Haven works towards a more solidified government, the referendum has concluded - each member of Haven's council will be elected separately and they will serve for a maximum of 6 years - 3 two year terms.

11 - The Council

February 4 - 14, 2022

The decision has been made for an elected council to lead Haven, which leads to the next question – what positions should belong on the council? How many council members should there be?

Vote for EACH position that you believe should be on Haven’s council.

  1. Master of Defense – Haven’s general and leader of the Perchguard, potentially the Windrunners, and potentially the adventurers. In the lack of such a position, each of these groups will govern themselves, with the Perchguard largely deferring to the Master of Law and the Windrunners and adventurers acting as private groups.
  2. Master of External Relations – Haven’s ambassador to external peoples, most notably the kuo-toa, but also to any other humanoids met in the New World. In the lack of such a position, Haven would instead have to handle each group separately, asking for delegates as deemed necessary.
  3. Master of Internal Relations – Haven’s ambassador to any outlying forts that may be established, most notably Fort Terakka. In the lack of such a position, any such forts may instead appoint a delegate for Haven’s council.
  4. Master of Development – Haven’s overseer of construction and new development, promoting projects that aid Haven’s infrastructure and growths. In the lack of such a position, Haven’s development will be privatized, with any new developments occurring as individuals or groups fund them.
  5. Master of Agriculture – Haven’s head of food and health, designating lands for sustainable farming, fishing, and hunting, as well as ensuring that Haven’s forts and allies are also looked after. In the lack of such a position, farmers, fishers, and hunters will be able to designate places for themselves, and most other details such as ensuring food is available to forts as needed will fall to the Master of Commerce.
  6. Master of Arcana – Haven’s head of magic, organizing magical research initiatives, cataloguing magical knowledge and artifacts, as well as maintaining order on a magical level. In the lack of such a position, magical pursuits will remain private and decentralized.
  7. Master of Intelligence – Haven’s seeker and spy, leader of the Windrunners and the one to keep a close eye on all affairs, especially those of the kuo-toa as well as any potential crime or other underground groups. In the lack of such a position, the Windrunners will either fall under the purview of the Master of Defense or remain private, while other information gathering will remain entirely decentralized.
  8. Master of Exploration – Haven’s leader in where to focus exploration efforts and another candidate for leader of the Windrunners. They would choose where explorations focus both on land and along the coasts, as well as how best to engage with the things found. In the lack of such a position, the Windrunners would be led by another or remain private, while exploration direction would remain a decision by referendum.
  9. Master of the Fleet – Haven’s admiral and leader in all things sea-faring, including exploratory and mercantile vessels, fishing boats, and naval ships, their construction, deployment, and maintenance. They would work closely with the Master of Defense in naval matters, the Master of Commerce in mercantile matters, Master of Exploration in exploratory matters, and Master of Agriculture in fishing matters. In the lack of such a position, the duties would be split as above.

Vote Won: A, B, D, E, F

A consensus has been reached. Aiming for an odd number of council members, the final positions will be as follows:

There is plenty of paperwork and administration to be done before these positions can start accepting applicants - the positions themselves need to be carefully defined and the responsibilities of each station need to be drafted and revised - but the government of Haven is slowly coming together.

12 - Ships in Port

March 25 - April 4, 2022

Haven’s port has been completed! On the east end of the sea ward now stands a large port, complete with two wharves and a drydock for repairs and the building of new ships. Indeed, even before the true completion of the port, the drydocks have been in use for the riverboats headed up and down the East River to Fort Terakka and back.

With the port fully complete, what should be their focus?

  1. A navy – who knows what further oceanic dangers might lie off the coast of the New World? Additionally, if there are other settlements, what if they’re dangerous?
  2. Mercantile ships – there must be other settlements on the shores of the New World that have yet to be found, best be prepared.
  3. Exploratory vessels – the Dawning Horizon is just one ship and Haven could use another couple ships to better explore the coastlines of the New World.
  4. Fishery – the waters here are teeming with fish. Haven can diversify its food production and secure long-term growth with fishing vessels.

Vote Won: C

The first order of business will be to build more exploratory vessels to better map out the coastlines of the New World!

13 - New Building on the Block

April 15 - April 25, 2022

With Haven’s port fully functional, the next large-scale construction project is upon the city. What should it be this time?

  1. A wall, complete with guard towers. The kuo-toa have proven to be relatively harmless – or at least not outright aggressive, but perhaps Haven would be best suited being a little more protected.
  2. A temple. Haven needs a place for the weary to rest and for priests like Lucius to do their work – soothing illness, giving guidance, and empowering the other citizens of Haven through their divine gifts.
  3. A library. There is so much to learn about this New World, and all that information must be stored somewhere. A library would make research much easier if it could consolidate all that information into one place.
  4. An arena. A place for training, gladiatorial games, and gambling! Perhaps a series of competitions could be established and all could come see the adventurers of Haven in action! Morale would never be higher.

Vote Won: A

The next large-scale building project will be a wall to protect Haven from outside threats. Who knows what other dangers might still lurk in the New World.

14 - Council Candidacy

May 27 - June 3, 2022

Paperwork has been drafted, edited, rewritten, scrapped, and altogether perfected over the last weeks and months, setting up rules and responsibilities for each member of the council that is to preside over Haven. It is now time to vote for that council.

Firstly a reminder of the positions and their roles on the council. The Master of Agriculture is to be Haven’s head of food and health, as well as sustainable farming, fishing, and hunting. The Master of Arcana is to be Haven’s head of magic, research, and magical order. The Master of Commerce is to be Haven’s treasurer and ambassador to merchants and worker’s guilds. The Master of Defense is to be Haven’s general and leader of the Perchguard and Windrunners. The Master of Development is to be Haven’s overseer of construction and new development. The Master of External Relations is to be Haven’s ambassador to peoples such as the kuo-toa. And finally the Master of Law is to be Haven’s high justice and final voice on law and rulings.

Over the next weeks, each position is to be filled and the first terms will begin. Votes will be cast once a week and in the following order:

  1. Master of Law (June 3 - 10)
  2. Master of Commerce (June 10 - 17)
  3. Master of Defense (June 17 - 24)
  4. Master of Agriculture (June 24 - July 1)
  5. Master of Development (July 1 - 8)
  6. Master of External Relations (July 8 - 15)
  7. Master of Arcana (July 15 - 22)

Votes will be taken anonymously in order to protect the votes integrity.

This is the sounding call for any members of Haven who would still like to put their names forward for contention in any of the coming votes. In order to put your name forward for contention, please submit a small biography and the platform you are running on. Issues that face each elected position can be found below. Note that being elected will not actually give you any increased workload or power for this campaign - I may just occasionally get you to make a quick yes/no executive decision on something relevant to your elected station. Your vote MAY also count twice towards future votes on topics relevant to your station.

Finally, Haven will continue to have votes and referendums on various issues, but you will see the elected officials of Haven present these topics and execute decisions in a way that fits their style.

Issues for candidates of each position to consider:

Master of Agriculture:

Master of Arcana:

Master of Commerce:

Master of Defense:

Master of Development:

Master of External Relations:

Master of Law:

14-1 – Master of Law

June 3 - June 10, 2022

The first member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Law. Their responsibilities include establishing and maintaining Haven’s judicial system, presiding over court cases as High Justice, and reviewing and passing bills into law. The most important issues facing the Master of Law are how they will establish and maintain a code of law for Haven, how they design the legal system to balance between courts, lawmakers, and citizens, as well as deciding on the correct penalties for various crimes.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Paula Longhorn is a cervan who has been working administrative work in the background for Haven since its establishment - handing out supplies based on what was brought from the Old World and keeping track of centralized resources. She believes that Haven should be governed primarily by the people, and as such would be establishing a jury system that picks from the citizens of Haven within criteria such as age and mental faculty to maintain the courts, as well as utilizing referendums to pass bills ensuring the citizens of Haven always have a say in their laws. Penalties would be assessed based on precedent set in the courts and would be adjusted to the will of the jury.
  2. Marek Mulayam is a mapach of the Perchguard who has been largely in charge of Haven’s jail. He believes that law should be maintained by the Master of Law with input from the other masters and leaders of groups such as guilds and the Perchguard. This law would be decided upon and codified, and could only be modified by amendment via a vote of this same council. Should new council positions be needed, they too would have to be voted in. After all, the citizens of Haven should not be expected to constantly have to make such judgments and this would avoid a mob mentality, allowing cooler heads to prevail. Similarly to the above, any penalties would be decided by the council when the law is codified and only adjusted upon amendment.

Vote Won: A

The inaugural Master of Law will be Paula Longhorn!

14-2 – Master of Commerce

June 10 - June 17, 2022

The second member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Commerce. Their responsibilities include managing Haven’s treasury, setting spending limits, and deciding on how best to spend that money. The most important issues facing the Master of Commerce are how they will ensure Haven’s economic stability in the face of scarcity, how Haven will adjust to trading partners should such an opportunity arise, and how they will decide what to spend Haven’s treasury on.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Barbara Lunala is a luma who has been buying foodstuffs from hunters and gatherers and selling them onwards into the market - primarily for businesses such as the Undertow. She believes that Haven’s economic stability will only improve with time and that the current high prices will pass. The Council should have little say in the market in general, and the Master of Commerce should work only with Haven’s treasury, and not look to manipulate the economy. Trade from outside Haven would be similar - merchants would be free to buy and sell whatever goods and services they can bring in and out of town. Beyond the most required development projects, Haven’s treasury would be sparse, with the Master of Commerce only mediating between the Master of Development and the companies that would be taking on the project.
  2. Alexander Moor is a raptor who has been the leader of the Lumber Guild since its inception and has seen the good it can do. He believes that by establishing centralized guilds across many sectors in Haven, there will be a solid foundation for communication between citizens and the government when it comes to their work. Guilds will provide stability to the economy by banking in times of wealth and spending in times of scarcity, with each sector of the economy working towards its own strengths. Trade partners can work with the guilds to establish fair taxes and prices for goods and services brought in and taken out of Haven, and the guilds will give a way for artisans to maintain a dialogue and not be out-competed. Haven’s treasury will be used to support struggling guilds should they be seen as essential, and development projects will fund guilds who aid in the project.
  3. Sunny Redclaw is a hedge who has been most working as a gatherer since arriving in Haven, but used to run a small bank in the Old World. His primary objective as Master of Commerce would be to establish the Bank of Haven (BoH) ensure stability by establishing prices for goods and services and governing over the currency as a whole. Such planning allows for artisans to work together rather than against each other and wages would be more regulated across similar trades. Trade partners would have to submit to import and export taxes, but would otherwise be generally free to bring in goods of any legal kind. Haven’s treasury would be at the disposal of the Council, and would be used only to further Haven’s projects - projects typically overseen by the Master of Development.

Vote Won: A

The inaugural Master of Commerce will be Barbara Lunala!

14-3 – Master of Defense

June 17 - June 24, 2022

The third member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Defense. Their responsibilities include the defense of Haven from threats both within and without it’s (soon to be constructed) walls, the organization of it’s military structure - most notable that of the Perchguard and Windrunners, as well as classifying and dispatching the correct groups to deal with natural threats such as Asterian Avatars. The most important issues facing the Master of Defense are how they will ensure Haven remains well defended against these natural threats, how the Perchguard and Windrunners will be utilized to the best of their abilities, and how they will protect Haven from inner threats such as thieves.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Captain Logan Asker is a burly raptor who has been the leader of the Perchguard since its inception. He believes the strength of the Perchguard is enough to keep Haven safe - especially should they receive the funding they need to be an effective unit. Against more intense threats such as Asterian Avatars, he believes in the effectiveness of the adventurers and aiding them if required. The Perchguard are an effective guard unit and the Windrunners make for capable scouts and messengers, making Haven well equipped defensively. Logan does not believe Haven is in need of a more formal army - who would they be looking to wage war against anyway? Inner threats should largely be handled by the law, though of course apprehending them falls on the Perchguard who would continue as they have been - with occasional patrols or as recruited for specific events, otherwise working off reports and warrants.
  2. Derrek Hardbeak is a massive strigg who has been primarily working labour at the drydocks. He believes that Haven should be more aggressive in their claiming of the new world and that they should be establishing forts and outposts further out in order to have a measure of control on the lands farther out. Such a strategy would give Haven a better warning system of dangers that may appear and would transform the Perchguard into more of a standing army. The guard would man the outposts and the Windrunners would function as messengers and scouts much as they already do. Such a standing army would be effective in dealing with larger threats such as the Asterian Avatars and could be used to deal with inner threats by sending smaller squads to deal with criminals - though their simple presence as a standing army would be more then enough to dissuade crime.

Vote Won: A

The inaugural Master of Defense will be Logan Asker!

14-4 – Master of Agriculture

June 24 - July 1, 2022

The fourth member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Agriculture. Their responsibilities include the establishment and monitoring of farms, lumber mills, fisheries, and the collection of other natural resources via hunting and foraging, and ensuring food is plentiful for both Haven and Fort Terakka without being wasteful. The most important issues facing the Master of Agriculture are how they will monitor necessity against the natural impact of humblefolk made farms and fisheries, how they will establish and enforce hunting and foraging limits, as well as how they will ensure food will last for both Haven and Fort Terakka going forward.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Daisy Dustfeather is a luma with a chickadee’s plumage. She works as a gatherer, largely focusing on mushrooms and other fungi. Daisy believes that agriculture should be closely protected in Haven, and licensed farmers, ranchers, lumberjacks, hunters, fishers, and gatherers should be permitted to undertake such activities - those with expertise can ensure high quality and yield without damaging the environment around them. Such licenses would come with limits to gathering, and be overseen by experts who can judge the impact on the environment. Enforcement would come in the form of careful surveying and monitoring of items brought back from the field, with banning or blacklisting bad-faith actors as required. The aforementioned limits would of course have to be large enough to sustain Haven and Fort Terakka, and would be monitored and adjusted throughout the year to ensure supply remains comfortable.
  2. Kodenn Koleke grew up in a small farming community where his father taught him how to use carpenters and woodworkers tools and was taught respect for the trees and wood from a very young age. He believes that it is the duty of all to protect the bonds of civilization, and wants to do his part to ensure everybody is well fed and that the surrounding forest and farmland is harvested sustainably for the benefit of future generations. He plans to take simple monthly reports from all farmers, fishers, and lumberjacks on any issues surrounding their land in order to monitor production, manage resources, and ensure stability for Haven. Limits will be placed on the amounts an individual can harvest: tags for hunting, limits on the number of fish per season, and a ban on large-scale clear-cutting (small areas will be permitted for buildings and farmland). These limits will be generous - they are only meant to prohibit over-hunting and over-fishing as it is the right of Havenites to be able to collect their own food for themselves and their families. He would also like to create a farmer's union in order to stabilize the price of food within Haven and encourage its citizens to grow crops. Farming subsidies are another idea that, if popular, he would like to implement in order to ensure a steady supply of food for the city. Vote Koleke for Master of Agriculture!
  3. Alice Shortstep is a hedge with a bright attitude. She’s been working as a gardener producing Haven’s vegetables, and believes that developing agriculture is a key part to Haven’s future. Alice’s plans begin by weaning Haven off hunting and gathering, and working towards ranches and greenhouses that ensure food is plentiful and easy to grow. This would take more space in the short term, but ensure that the environmental impact that Haven has on its surround in the long term would be much reduced. Fishing would also turn towards established fisheries rather than distant ocean fishing, and lumber farms would have set areas where trees are planted and cut down in large decade-long cycles. This would give Haven very fine control over all food production, with minimal outside impact, provided Haven can find the funds and workforce to establish such a production method.

Vote Won: B

The inaugural Master of Agriculture will be Kodenn Koleke!

14-5 – Master of Development

July 1 - July 8, 2022

The fifth member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Development. Their responsibilities include the development and upkeep of Haven’s industries - from the port to the walls and everything in between, the management of projects so they are completed on schedule, and the development of satellite communities such as Fort Terakka. The most important issues facing the Master of Development are how they will prioritize development within Haven - and what they will prioritize, how they will monitor projects to be completed in a timely manner and within budget restrictions, as well as how they manage Fort Terakka.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Ren Alasee is a mapach who has taken on a career in construction. He believes that Haven will develop organically, and it is the role of the Master of development to be reactionary - establishing projects that have been called for by the people. These projects would be best carried out by the most reasonable bidder and overseen by a manager chosen by the Master of Development. Fort Terakka would also be best served by a specific person - preferably one who lives there - who knows the issues and needs of Fort Terakkans. Funds for Haven and Fort Terakka would be pooled for the betterment of the greater Haven area as a whole.
  2. Dani Kahera is a grove cervan with the appearance of a gazelle. She works as a messenger and delivery worker for various shops. Dani believes that Haven should be focused on developing Haven for long-term growth - ensuring defense and health are primary focuses. This would allocate funds towards walls, jails, temples, and sanitary centers first, then other more knowledge-focused and entertainment-focused pursuits second. Additionally, Fort Terakka requires more support and should be given the focus for development before Haven expands any further. Such projects would be monitored by the Master of Development with input from those who would be using them most - the Perchguard for defensive structures, priests or faithful for temples, and herbalists for sanitary centers.
  3. Herbert Twinfeather is a gallus with the plumage of a rooster who has been working as a naturalist - compiling information on the local flora and fauna, along with uses for any plants and animal parts and care for them in captivity if applicable. He believes that Haven needs to know about the New World first before being able to know what Haven needs. Towards this end, he would focus Haven’s development towards libraries, arcane ventures, and further exploration. In fact, establishing more outposts should be a priority - moving funds towards establishing and maintaining Fort Terakka, a fort further into the western fields, and more wherever they can have a varied and useful role in Haven’s development. Each such development would have an appointed overseer who could then delegate as required.

Vote Won: C

The inaugural Master of Development will be Herbert Twinfeather!

14-6 – Master of External Relations

July 8 - July 15, 2022

The sixth member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of External Relations. Their responsibilities include maintaining relations with the kuo-toa and any other local tribes that might be discovered, establishing relations with any other refugee groups, and managing factions that may arise and splinter off from Haven. The most important issues facing the Master of External Relations are how they will establish and maintain connections with the kuo-toa, how they will manage relations should other refugee groups be found, as well as how they will deal with rogue factions such as pirates or druidic circles should they arise.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Fareeha Bluestripe is a mapach with a navy blue stripe down her back who has been working as an administrator for Haven’s various votes to date. She believes that peace is the end goal of any external relations, and the best method of reaching such a goal is mutual understanding. Fareeha intends on naming ambassadors to any group that is amiable to the idea and find a way to coexist. To groups such as the kuo-toa, this needs to be a lengthy process of learning boundaries, cultures, and more, while for groups of other humblefolk that might yet be found in the New World this can probably be simply established through embassies and trade agreements. Rogue factions must be approached and their demands heard, but issues must be weighed and solved in ways that are reasonable for both groups. Adventurer or Perchguard intervention should be minimal at all times.
  2. Allie Nitra is a jerbeen who has been working as a gatherer. She believes in non-interference, and maintains that relations should be kept as minimal as possible - let peoples like the kuo-toa keep to themselves and keep Haven from meddling in their affairs. This especially means limiting adventurers from interacting with kuo-toa. Other birdfolk and humblefolk factions - whether they are found or they splinter off from Haven - should be left to their own devices. Haven fends for itself and everyone else should too. Rogue factions should be avoided, though Haven should be ready to defend itself should the need ever arise.
  3. Oleg Koloss is a strigg who has been working in lumber gathering and construction. He believes that Haven must establish itself as the most powerful city in the New World and should seek alliances that strengthen it to weather the danger of rogue groups. Other humblefolk states - should they be found - would have to align themselves with Haven’s ideals and form alliances or fend for themselves. Rogue factions would also have to maintain respect for Haven or be ready to face Haven’s might, especially in the case of piracy or banditry. Groups such as the kuo-toa would be approached with offers of alliances and the groups that did ally would receive Haven’s support towards their own goals - it would be much more beneficial to Haven to work with a single group that controls the lake than the fractured set that currently exists.

Vote Won: C

The inaugural Master of External Relations will be Oleg Koloss!

14-7 – Master of Arcana

July 15 - July 22, 2022

The seventh - and final - member of Haven’s council to be elected will be the Master of Arcana. Their responsibilities include overseeing and policing the use of magic within Haven, managing a hierarchy of mages, as well as magical research into artifacts found in the New World and how that information should be handled. The most important issues facing the Master of Arcana are how they will go about establishing rules for policing the use of magic within Haven, how they will delegate and establish a hierarchy of magic users and researchers, as well as how they will handle more difficult and dangerous magical topics in research and storage.

Your election candidates are:

  1. Jordi Featherpaw is a large rat-like jerbeen with a long tail. She’s been working as a fisherman and does not believe that Haven requires the aid of magic to grow and develop. In fact, they appear to be leaning into a belief that has circulated that the pestilence and dangers that forced the humblefolk out of the Old World might have been rooted in their reliance on magic, and that Haven should be different. Haven already has few mages - none beyond the adventurers possessing abilities higher than a 1st level. Jordi believes that magic should be quenched and the Perchguard should police any usage of magic as the breaking of law.
  2. Lysander Losot is a vulpin with short ruddy-brown fur that has been working to attempt to develop a paper mill for Haven. He believes that Haven needs to be careful with its magical development - much like how it was in the Old World. Magic is extremely useful but can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. An arcane tower where magical knowledge and artifacts can be stored and kept safe would be of utmost importance, with entry only admitted to specifically permitted persons. Each of these persons would be allowed one apprentice to limit the number of mages in Haven, preferably with a limit of one bard, one druid, and one wizard, each with their own apprentices. A high Cleric would be chosen to lead the religious spellcasters, but low level clerics would be permitted. Sorcerers of course cannot be controlled, but would have to be closely watched and warlocks via patronage would be expressly forbidden as they were in the Old World. A squad of Inquisitors within the Perchguard would be established to police magic usage and respond to magical threats.
  3. Farley Sunfallow is an vulpin Warlock and adventurer that takes the appearance of a Dhole. In the Old World, she came from humble beginnings and taught herself magic through her patron due to gatekeeping that prevented her from accessing arcane knowledge. In Haven, she believes there is an opportunity to ensure that all citizens have access to opportunities involving arcane knowledge and research. No hierarchy should exist - rather, a few trusted researchers and magic users will take the position of ‘Arcane Ambassador’ or ‘Arcane Research Advisor.’ These individuals will serve as ‘point persons’ and overseers for difficult and dangerous research. This system will also ensure that dangerous magic is under the watch of capable arcane teams as to protect novice arcane users from something out of their depth. Anything that is considered dangerous will also be reported to the council in case it could affect other areas of leadership such as defense or external relations. There should be no need to police magic within Haven outside of what will already be done within the city. If there is no central police to ensure safety of citizens, one will be set up to ensure that magic is not used to harm another citizen or guest of the city. Long term, Farley would like to begin the process of setting up an arcane library or school to allow young Havenites the chance to study magic of all kinds.

Vote Won: C

The inaugural Master of Arcana will be Farley Sunfallow!

15 - Gainful Gardening

September 9 - 19, 2022

Gardens have begun popping up throughout Haven as the agricultural standards settle into place. Many are communal, and among these, Raanan Mashkeh has claimed a small plot for some plants to further his alchemical brewing. His potions of resistance have been helpful to the community, and he wants to use this opportunity to make some of them at a heavy discount with homegrown plants. However, he only has time and space for two varieties of plant - vote for which two plants you would like to see him grow - the corresponding potions of resistance will become half-off in perpetuity.

Note: Kodenn Koleke, the Master of Agriculture has particular sway in this vote. His votes count as two.

  1. clivia solvo, used in brewing potions of acid resistance.
  2. dahlia glacio, used in brewing potions of cold resistance.
  3. nerine ardeo, used in brewing potions of fire resistance.
  4. silene fulgur, used in brewing potions of lightning resistance.
  5. lapeirousa perfuro, used in brewing potions of thunder resistance.

Vote Won: B and C

Raanan has taken the town’s will into account and will be planting dahlia glacio and nerine ardeo in his garden.

16 - Further Inland

December 2 - 12, 2022

A shipping schedule via riverboat between Haven and Fort Terakka has been established, which has led to an increased interest in Fort Terakka and its surrounds as a whole - all according to Herbert Twinfeather’s development plan. With the forests directly between Haven and Fort Terakka well explored, should further exploration be directed around Fort Terakka? Or move in a different direction and maybe a second fort? Where should explorations be directed?

  1. The plains and ruins to the west.
  2. The Petraklad Woods further south towards the coast.
  3. Beyond Fort Terakka to the unknown in the east.
  4. Fort Terakka and it’s surroundings.
  5. Lake Kuo-Toa and it’s surroundings.

Vote Won: A

The next stage of exploration will be directed west, towards the plains and any ruins that can be found.

Custom Deliveries

What's Mine?


Rhen Fermus would like a sneak peek at the quality of ore from the Terakka Mines, preferably finely crushed.

Monstrous Needlework.


Tamara Pinneedle requires a needle whittled out of the bone of a monstrosity.

That's Not Jelly.


Rajiv Whitepaw needs a vial of ooze that has been herbally prepared.